Warmoesstraat 139. 1012 JB Amsterdam NL/ 3120.6229.434/

W139 is an artist-run space established in 1979 on the Warmoesstraat, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The former theatre was squatted in October 1979 by five young artists as "a movement against the closed world of commercial art and museums". Currently a group of national and international artists are organising different contemporary art shows by following the W139 artist-run approach. In 2016 the expositions 'Gym of Absolute Technology', 'Shifting Spaces' and 'UU&ME' were held. Open: Mon-Sun, 12 am– 6 pm.

Grimm Gallery

Grimm Gallery
Frans Halsstraat 26. 1072 BR Amsterdam, The Netherlands/ 3120.6752.465/

Jorg Grimm was educated at the Hogeschool voor Economische Studies in Amsterdam. He became a private dealer in 2003 and opened Grimm Gallery in 2005, in Ouid Zuid near the Museum Square in Amsterdam. Grimm Gallery opened a second space, approximately 2 ½ miles away, on the Keizersgracht Canal in 2008. Open: Tue-Sat, 11 am-6 pm.


KochxBos Gallery
Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 36. 1015 NR Amsterdam. The Netherlands/ 3120.6814.567/

The Amsterdam based KochxBos art gallery is the first independent North-European low-brow / pop-surrealist gallery. Owners Owners Esther Koch and Hans Bos have been showcasing some of Amsterdam’s best modern art since 2005, with an emphasis on lowbrow, or underground art. Visitors to the gallery can expect to view pieces with vibrant, surreal colors and disturbing messages. Some artists include Ray Caesar, Zoé Byland, Ciou, Harma Heikens, and Sarah Maple. Open: Wed-Sat, 1 pm-6 pm & by appointment.


Dijkspark 6, 1019 BS Amsterdam, The Netherlands/ 3163.190.3218/

Mediamatic was founded in 1983 in Groningen, moved in 1986 to Amsterdam and has since then moved to several different locations in Amsterdam. Located on the east docklands in Amsterdam, Mediamatic is a little off the beaten track but definitely worth a visit. The unique cultural organization offers an extensive program of events, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, performances, concerts and conferences throughout the year. Featured exhibitions are highly evocative and extremely versatile, each one transforming the large, open exhibition space into an immersive environment. Open: Mon - Wed, 9 am-10 pm; Thu, Fri, 9 am- 00:00; Sat, 11 am- 00:00; Sun, 11 am-10 pm.


Reflex Gallery
Weteringschans 79 A, 1017 RX Amsterdam, The Netherlands/ 3120.6272.832/

Since 1986 Reflex Amsterdam is situated opposite the Rijksmuseum. The gallery is dealing in modern masters and representing young and established contemporary artists. It organises around six solo shows and themed group exhibitions per year and is also specialised in producing books and high standard limited editions in close collaborations with the artists. Open: Tuesday - Saturday, 11 am - 6 pm.


Jaski Art Gallery
Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 29I, 1017 DB Amsterdam, Netherlands/ 3120.6203.939/

Jaski Gallery has been the primary representative of the CoBrA art movement since 1988. It has evolved into the leading gallery for modern and contemporary art from the Spiegelkwartier, in the heart of Amsterdam, promoting emerging and established talented Dutch and international artists. For many years, Jaski is also one of the exhibitors at The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) in Maastricht. Open: daily, 12 am-6 pm.

Upstream Gallery 1.jpg

Upstream Gallery
Kloveniersburgwal 95, 1011 KB Amsterdam, The Netherlands/ 3120.428.4284/

Upstream Gallery was established in 2003 by Nieck de Bruijn. The gallery quickly gained a credible international reputation among collectors, art institutions and critics, and is a perfect example of Amsterdam’s internationally renowned contribution to contemporary art. With a focus on radical, engaged, conceptual and post-internet art Upstream Gallery brings pioneering and critical work from artists from the Netherlands and abroad. Open: Wed-Sat,1 pm - 6 pm & by appointment.

Galerie Fons Welters.jpg

Galerie Fons Welters
Bloemstraat 140, 1016 Amsterdam, The Netherlands/ 3120.423.3046/

Galerie Fons Welters opened its doors in 1988 in a former garage in Amsterdam's Jordaan area. Since, the gallery has established itself nationally and internationally as a place for emerging contemporary artists, often with a particular focus on installation art and sculptural approaches. Open: Tue-Sat, 1 pm - 6 pm.


Flatland Gallery
Lijnbaansgracht 312-314, Amsterdam, The Netherlands/ 3120.3305.321/

Flatland Gallery is based in the bustling arts and antiques district in central Amsterdam within a complex of galleries and close to many notable art institutions such as Foam, the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum. Founded by Martin Rogge, the gallery has gained international acclaim for their commitment to contemporary art, particularly in the field of photography although they also have a strong reputation for film, video, installation, sculpture and drawing. Open: Wed-Sat, 1 pm - 6 pm & by appointment.


Annet Gelink Gallery
Laurierstraat 187-189, 1016PL Amsterdam, The Netherlands/ 3120.3302.066/

Annet Gelink Gallery is one of the leading contemporary art-galleries in the Netherlands. It is situated in the center of Amsterdam. Since its foundation in 2000, the gallery has been exhibiting work of groundbreaking artists, ranging from drawing, painting and photography to installation and video art. The primary aim of the gallery is to show new tendencies and individuals, focusing on both Dutch and international art. Open: Tue-Fri, 10 am - 6 pm; Saturday, 1 pm - 6 pm.


TORCH Gallery
Lauriergracht 94, 1016 RN, Amsterdam, The Netherlands/ 3120.626.0284/

In 1984, TORCH Gallery was established by Adriaan van der Have as a stage for Dutch and international contemporary Art. In those days the medium photography was not even regarded as an art form. After all, since its discovery halfway the nineteenth century, photography had developed into the layman's way of capturing their surroundings. Van der Have was among the first to see the potential for high art in the medium. He continued to take risks on new ways of expression, making him a pioneer promoter of photography, veejay-art and finally digital image editing as respectable forms of contemporary Art. Open: Thu-Sat, 12 am - 6 pm & on appointment.