Anthony Ardavin

Anthony Ardavin

I am a narrative artist, I paint about what I know, my painting is primarily biographical. It is also ephemeral and psychological.These are stories from my native country, or experiences that I have had trough this life journey. In my work cultures overlap,

coexist and intermingle. It takes a special insight to juxtapose the concepts of freedom and existentialism visually. 

I paint the past and the present, contemporary and primitive. The work is whimsical yet all the while asking the deep questions

we all ask as we stumble in our physical state. I try to infuse my work with multiple levels: it refers to literal immigration and thecriticism that the immigrant receives from both sides. The work also has references to the transcendence of ideals and ideas.

I am always aspiring to elude the boundaries of ordinary life, the mundane. Always looking internally for something new to incorporate in my work, trying to translate these experiences with the marks I make on a canvas. Painting is one of the most elusive of the arts, it has always been a mystery. My job is an arduous one (to conceive something that has never existed before) to give origin to something real.

With a brush, paint and a surface, a believable world is born, as if the brush could see. I have always painted because it is an inborn need,one of the delights of my life. I am constantly striving to be true to myself. I never forget that I am an Artist.