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Galeria Ángeles Baños
Plaza de los Alféreces 11, 06005, Badajoz. España/  3492.4235.538/

Founded in April 2002, it accommodates the different artistic manifestations in which contemporary art is expressed, with a clear inclination for drawing and, by extension, the work that uses paper as support. Open: Mon-Fri, 5:30 pm - 9 pm & Saturday 11 am - 4 pm.


Calle Virgen de la Soledad, Badajoz, Spain/ 3492.4262.886/

Artexsala gallery works with: artistic digital impression on canvas, paper types, etc., photographic montages, framing of all types of works, showroom. Open: Mon-Fri, 10 am - 2 pm & 5 pm - 8 pm; Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm.


Bahnhof Espacio Cultural
C/ Hernando de Soto nº 3, Badajoz, Spain/ 3492.4270.644/

The Bahnhof gallery is a free space, open to culture, creators, artists and the general public. The Bahnhof is not a business, it is a way of understanding life, and a commitment to culture and artistic creation. Bahnhof gallery is a place where everyone feel comfortable to motivate art and creativity.Open: Mon-Thu, 5:30 am - 8 pm.


Calle de la Bomba, 16. Bajo. Badajoz, Spain/ 3492.4232.866/

The Sala Acuarela began its career in 1985, occupying a small space in the world of contemporary and conceptual art in Extremadura, specifically in Badajoz. Its birth arises as a consequence of the absence of private galleries dedicated to the Vanguard, being Extremadura a region accustomed to the figuration and the realism in the world of the art. The Sala is aimed at promoting young artists, born of BBAA Faculties, with renewed proposals; As well as self-taught born on earth and little understood in their creative ways. The space is also oriented to Photography, Sculpture, Performances or Facilities, with special attention to promote new national and international values, within a coherent programming that represents the latest trends.