Adn gallery

ADN Galeria

C. Enric Granados, 49 08008 Barcelona, Spain / +34 93 451 00 64/

Adn galería was founded as a hybrid platform between commercial mediation and cultural contribution aiming at promoting current artistic ideas and trends. The program focuses on content-based productions that work as a semantic reflection of the contextual dynamics in which they emerge. Open: Wen-Sat10 am to 3 pm.


Angels Barcelona
c/ Pintor Fortuny, 27. 08001 Barcelona, Spain/ 34 93 412 54 00/

Angels barcelona is a project that emerged in 2007 from the experience gained with Galeria Dels Angels (1995 > 2007) from which we developed ideas that gave us the initiative to define our new program. We focus our interest in works that, from certain skeptical point of view, are built on critical practices using different artistic mediums and discourses, emerging from the world of art and media, and thus codifying society. The variety of projects that we present aim to deal with the structural levels that question their own value as products whilst becoming integrated in the production medium of Art. Open: Mon - Fri: 10:30am - 7pm. Other day on apointment only.


Galeria Artevistas
Passatge del Crèdit, 4, 08002 Barcelona, Spain/ 3493.513.0465/

The Galeria Artevistas was born in 2007 with the ambition to help everyone discover the rich diversity of contemporary art. Contemporary, ARTEVISTAS collection includes over 800 original works, including paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures. The collection is being renewed constantly. Open: Mon-Sun, 11am-9pm.


Base Elements
Carrer del Palau 6 (Barrio Gótico), 08002 Barcelona, Spain/3493.268.8312 /

Located in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, Base Elements has established itself as the leading creative space featuring Street, Graffiti and Urban art . Started in 2003 by Robert Burt (Los Angeles), Base Elements quickly attracted the attention of the local street art community. It now showcases the work of some of the most iconic names such as: Art Is Trash, Btoy, Pez, Zosen, Pezkhamino, El Xupete, Juan Pajares, Kram to name a few. Situated in a 19th century local, Base Elements is a place to discover, hang out and learn about new concepts and styles in the urban contemporary art scene. Base Elements is a platform for artists to take their work from the streets and into the homes of passionate art buyers and global collectors. Visitors will often get the chance to meet the artists and experience their creative process. Open: Monday – Saturday, 11am–2pm; 4pm–9pm.


Galeria Senda
Trafalgar 32, 08010 Barcelona, Spain/349.3487.6759 /

Since 1991, Galeria Senda has been actively working as a gallery, and other art services. Moreover, Galeria Senda is closely linked to other projects such as LOOP Barcelona, the world reference video art fair; and Talking Galleries, an initiative that promotes debate and discussions towards the development of the art industry. Open: Tue-Fri, 11am – 8pm; Saturday 11am – 2:30pm and 3:30pm – 8pm.


Cosmo Galeria
Carrer d'Enric Granados, 3, 08007 Barcelona, Spain/ 349.3105.7992/

Galeria Cosmo vision was to create a space that would house an art gallery and a cafeteria as 2 individual parts, but through interior design, to get an atmosphere where they could work together and in perfect harmony. The facilities of the art gallery have all the normality of a professional art gallery, in addition, Cosmo want to help established artists and also young people with new proposals. Open: 10am-10pm, daily.


Villa del Arte Barcelona
Calle Tapineria, 39, 08002, Barcelona Spain/ 3493.268.0673/

Bert van Zetten, Nemo Jantzen, Marcel and Jutta Huisman founded Villa del Arte Galleries in Barcelona in 1999. Their combined commitment, and passion for art, together with a unique approach and willingness to exhibit some lesser-known artists has contributed to an ever-changing contemporary collection of a consistently high standard. Over time Villa del Arte has developed into one of Catalonia’s leading contemporary art galleries. The gallery represents over 30 national and international, established and emerging painters, photographers and sculptors. Open: Mon-Sun, 10am-11pm.


Galeria Trama
Carrer de Petritxol, 5, 08002 Barcelona, Spain/ 3493.317.4877/

Situated in the centre of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Galeria Trama has a trajectory of 25 years that guarantees it as one of the central promoters of contemporary art in the capital city of Catalonia. It has a stable programme of exhibitions focussed above all on contemporary painting, although it often also presents photography exhibitions. The gallery represents artists with an established career, who form the fundamental nucleus of the gallery, as well as up and coming creators that work with different languages merging critical and aesthetic discourses. Open: Mon-Sat, 10:30am-8pm.


Roca Barcelona Gallery
Carrer de Joan Güell, 211-213, Barcelona, Spain/ 3493.366.1212/

Roca, the leading global bathroom brand, presents the Roca Barcelona Gallery, a unique space that hosts exhibitions and social and cultural activities. Open: Mon-Sat, 10am-8pm.


Espai Barroc-Palau Dalmases

Carrer de Montcada 20, Barcelona, Spain/ 3493.3100.673/

The Palau Dalmases stands on Carrer Montcada, in the Ribera district in Barcelona, and is a work of art in its own right. Its baroque influences bear witness to the artistic, political and cultural life of Barcelona and Catalonia. In 1700, the Academy of the Sceptics had its headquarters here, and later the Academy of the Arts. Notable men, scholars and music lovers held gatherings here devoted to art, language and thinking. The building alone is well worth the visit, bearing witness, as it did, to the growth of the city. In the 16th century, Carrer Montcada was home to the palaces and residences of the city’s most notable and influential families.