Galerija Blok

Knez Mihailova 6. 11000 Belgrade, Serbia/ 3811.1263.2534/

In its long and rich history the Centre has never given up its original mission – to promote highest artistic, cultural and social values and to support high creative aspirations, researches and experiments of both national and international scenes.


Galerija Zvono
Višnjićeva 5, 1100 Belgrade. Serbia/ 3811.1262.5243/

In 1993, at times of widespread economic and cultural crisis in Serbia, Zvono Gallery opened up its doors to young artists finishing their studies at the Fine Arts Academy and starting their careers. Goal of the gallery was to gather and nurture young talents, and help them make their first steps. Open: Mon - Fri, 12 am  -  6 pm.


Art Gallery Canvas
Kosovska 16, Belgrade, Serbia/ 38164.234.1177/

Canvas Gallery has exhibition and sales gallery of fine art, modern and contemporary art. Gallery presents the Serbian and Montenegrin painters, and organizes individual and group exhibitions of local and foreign artists. Always in the gallery: Vojo Stanic. Igor Vasilyev. Permanent sales item includes: Veselin Banjevic, Djakov Damjan (Damian Giacov), Mina Radovic.Open: Mon-Fri, 11 am - 3 pm & 4 pm - 8 pm; Sat, 10 am - 3 pm.


Serbiana Art
Majke Jevrosime 40, Belgrade, Serbia/ 38164.1881.468/

Opened in 2005, SerbianaArt Gallery is the national collection of Serbian art and international modern art. Gallery is working with a great number of artists for many years, including most Serbian painters who have marked our time. With a few clicks, artists can upload their images to SerbianaArt site, set their prices for all of available products, and sell those products to a global audience of online art buyers.


Blatobran Galerija
Gospodar Jevremova 38, Belgrade, Serbia/ 3816.3777.2410/

The Blatobran creative center was founded in 2007 as an open platform for artists and designers to network in their use of predominantly ceramics, but also of other media of artistic expression. The artists grouped under the Blatobran banner share the common mission of educating the public and building awareness of the importance of art and of design in contemporary society. They share the conviction that this can be done through exhibitions, presentations, lectures and other forms of artistic expression. Open: daily, 11 am - 8 pm.

O3ONE Art Space.jpg

O3ONE Art Space
Uzun Mirkova 10, Belgrade, Serbia/ 381.11328.7107/

Contemporary art is the driving force of culture. O3ONE project came into being ten years ago with a goal to support creative, and developmental aspirations which allow culture to transform continuously in order to follow changes in social structure and scientific and technological development. Essentially O3ONE was designed as a platform for the creation of synergy between art, science and technology. Today, O3ONE is developing its program through the dynamics of the relation between those artistic forms that are mostly directed towards acknowledging and documenting vibrant cultural heritage in the artistic manner, and those that tend to continuously and actively transform paradigms in contemporary culture. Open: Mon-Sat, 12 am - 7 pm.


U10 Art Gallery
Kosovke devojke 3, Belgrade, Serbia/ 38162.332.221/

U10 Art Space is an independent artist-run space dedicated to supporting contemporary art founded in 2012 in Belgrade. It was founded with the purpose to be a platform where young local artists would be shown. By collaborating with similar spaces and initiatives, U10 Art Space actively works on creating a culture of artistic education, debate and exchange between artists, curators, art theoreticians, writers and the wider public. The main focus of the program is to create solo and group shows presenting mainly young artists from Serbia. Open: Thu-Sat, 1 pm - 9 pm.