Bill Galusha

Bill Galusha is an Creative Project Director working in San Francisco.   He has experience working with teams from Obscura Digital, Bot & Dolly, Google; as well as collecting small groups of talented individuals and leading them forward on his own.  

Bill loves making.  He finds himself at home in an environment that champions design and engineering; both mechanical and software.  He has a unique understanding of how creativity and technology are combined to create exceptional works of art.

In 2015, Bill executively produced the YouTube Music Awards announcement video, Directed by his friend and former-colleague, Tarik Abdel-Gawad.  The project aired to over 10 Million hits on YouTube, and the Behind the Scenes was featured on VICE's Creators Project.  In 2013 Bill produced "BOX" with his team at Bot & Dolly.  "BOX" combined robotics, motion capture, and dynamic projection mapping, into an innovative hybrid of art and technology.  "BOX" won many awards, but Bill is most proud of winning Best of Show at Siggraph, 2014.  Check them out in the Projects section.. and don't miss "Kinetisphere".

Bill's passion of working with unique teams who push the limits of technology in the tangible world, enables him to be at the forefront of projects that blur the gap between the digital world and physical space.