Brit Bunkley

My current art practice includes the proposal and construction of large scale outdoor sculptures, interior discrete objects, installations as well as the creation of “impossible” moving and still images and architecture designed using computer 3D modelling, video editing and image editing programs. I am intrigued at the intersection of virtual and physical sculpture and the juncture of animation and captured video. The content of the art work often focuses on an oblique sense of paranoid apocalyptic fear tempered with a sense of whimsy and irony. I attempt to exorcise existential anxieties conditioned by a deep interest in politics, the environment and history.

I have worked with 3D digital sculpture and animation since the early 90’s when I first used 3D software for proposals for public art. By the late 90’s my artwork almost exclusively focused on digital sculpture, virtual public art and 3D animation. In recent years I have returned to creating physical sculpture, installation and video of which computer software as well as 2D and 3D digital output continue to be essential methodological tools in the creation of this work.