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Vintage Galerìa
Magyar utca 26, 1052 Budapest, Hungary/ 3620.913.6291 /

One of the best places in Budapest to buy photography, Vintage Galéria displays both modern and contemporary works by local artists. Highlights from their contemporary collection include the visual trickery created by Pál Szacsva Y through superimposing images onto each other, and Dezső Szabó’s bold depictions of man-made and natural events. A healthy presence of humour is apparent in many of the photographs, like the playful landscape art of Tibor Gyenis, or the eccentric black and white portraits by Gábor Gerhes. Vintage Galéria also represents artists who experiment with new media, such as Gábor Ősz, who has worked with inkjet and digital prints. 


ACB Galeria
1068 Budapest, Király utca 76 Budapest, Hungary / 361.413.7608/

Founded in 2003 acb Gallery’s mission is to represent contemporary art and Hungarian neo-avantgarde art, both in the Hungarian and in the international scene. The various generations of artists represented by the gallery share the characteristics of conceptual principles, regardless of the media they work in.
The gallery’s principal pursuit is to link contemporary art with its audience. ACB Gallery’s aim is to give a platform to artists for presenting their work in a professionally supported context. The background for this is created by our collaborations with collectors, with professional partners and with the wider audience. Open: Tue-Fri: 2pm to 6pm or by appointment.

Varfok Gallery

Varfok Gallery
H-1012 Budapest, Várfok St. 11 Budapest, Hungary / 361.213.5155/

Várfok Gallery is one of the first privately founded galleries after the political changes of '89, showing contemporary art in Hungary that has been able to function continuously to this day. Károly Szalóky founded it under the name Várfok 14 Műhelygaléria/Várfok 14 Studio Gallery in 1990. Open: Tue-Sat, 11am-6pm.

Galeria Neon

Galeria Neon
1065Budapest,Nagymező u.47. Budapest, Hungary/ 361.787.5866/

Galeria Neon is contemporary art gallery. Open: Mon-Sun, 2pm-6pm.



Molnār Ani Gallery
1061 Budapest, Vasvári Pál utca 1. Budapest, Hungary/

The Ani Molnár Gallery started its activity in 2009 in Budapest. The gallery organizes solo and group exhibitions giving priority to curatorial concepts and considers the presentation of Eastern-European art in Hungary and abroad as a matter of great importance. Open to all media, special emphasis is placed on installation art. Numerous works of its artists are in prestigious public collections and have been exhibited in well-known museums including MoMA, USA; MUSAC, Spain; KUMU, Estonia; Bozar, Belgium; the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Hungary. Open: Tue-Fri, 1pm - 6pm. Satruday, 11am-5pm.

deak gallery

Deak Galeria
Mozsár utca 1. H-1066 Budapest, Hungary/ 3612013740/

Open: Wed-Fri,  12pm-6pm. Saturday: 11am-4pm and by appointment


Képíró utca 5. 1053 Budapest, Hungary/ 361.267.0522/

Established in 2006, the Kisterem Gallery, located in the heart of the city, in an old street, a very pleasant pedestrian zone, which hosts other contemporary art galleries. It is also one of the most prestigious and internationally renowned art galleries. The gallery represents some of the most important figures of Hungarian neo-avant-garde art, as well as a younger generation of conceptual artists with international recognition. The Kisterem Gallery focuses on all kinds of contemporary art. Exhibitions reflect the owner’s fondness for the Hungarian avant-garde underground art scene. As an international recognition. Open: Tue-Fri, 2pm – 6pm.

Chimera Project

Chimera-Project Gallery
1072 Budapest. Klauzál tér 5. VII. District Budapest, Hungary/ 36 30 768 29 47/

Chimera-Project is a program-gallery founded 2013 in Budapest, representing Hungarian and foreign emerging artists. The gallery profile ranges from neo-avantgarde to recent conceptually grounded practices based in the CEE region. Open during exhibitions: Wed – Fri: 3pm-6pm, or by appointment.


Knoll Galeria Budapest
1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 10, Hungary/ 3612.673.842/

Knoll Galéria Budapest was the first private gallery to open in Hungary when it launched in September 1989. It was the first of its kind in the whole Eastern Block, even before the fall of the Wall. Alongside its Viennese counterpart, the gallery has a history of specialising in Central and Eastern European art. It has played a crucial role in the career development of the region’s artists and their presence on the international scene, aided by participation in art tours, fairs, conferences and symposiums across the world.


2B Galeria
Ráday utca 47, Dist.9., Budapest, Hungary/ 3620.993.9361/

The 2B Gallery was founded in 2002 by the Böröcz brothers. Thematic exhibitions reflect on the given topics from unusual points of view. 2B Gallery exhibitions are organised around recurring themes including remembrance, the Holocaust, identity, minorities and artist families. 2B Foundation is intending to break down these barriers with its art programs, in which it displays tradition and historical events applying an irregular filter. Opening hours:Tuesday: 12-16 , Wednesday: 12-16 , Thursday: 12-16 , Friday: 14 -18, Monday, Saturday, Sunday: closed.


Trafó Galéria
41 Liliom Street, Budapest 1094, Hungary/ 361.456.2044/

Trafó Galéria operates from Trafó Kortárs Művészetek Háza, a venue for contemporary theatre, music, dance, circus performance and visual arts. Furthermore, Trafó Galéria has been the organiser of talks allowing curators, academics, writers and artists to discuss critical theory in relation to Hungarian and Central-Eastern European art. Opening hours: n theatre hall performance days: 4pm-10pm, other days: 4pm-7pm, closed on Monday.


Inda Galéria
H-1061 Budapest, Király utca 34. II/4./ 361.413.1960/

Opened in 2006 in the heart of Budapest, Inda Gallery exhibits, sells and promotes contemporary art in the widest range of media: painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, video, photography and others. The exhibition program is developed by an in-house team of art historians and invited experts with the aim of presenting new trends as well as their historical context. Open:Tue-Fri, 2pm–6pm, or by appointment.


Studio Gallery
1077, Budapest, Rottenbiller u. 35., Hungary/ 361.342.5380/

Stúdió Galéria is the permanent exhibition space for Budapest’s Studio of Young Artists Association (SYAA). It promotes current, progressive projects and gives artistic newcomers an opportunity to organise their first solo shows. Stúdió Galéria is well known as the location for the first significant exhibitions in the careers of many of today’s elite Hungarian contemporary artists. Since 1991 the gallery and SYAA have been organising the Gallery by Night series of exhibitions. For this event Stúdió Galéria opens at night for several days, presenting fresh shows each evening by SYAA members and guests from their exchange programmes. Opening hours: Tu, Th, Fri: 12am-6pm; We: 12am-8pm; Sat: 2-6pm.