Aldo de Sousa Gallery
Arroyo 858, Buenos Aires, Argentina / +54.114.393.0803 / aldodesousa.com.ar
Monday – Friday, 11 AM – 7 PM, & Saturday, 11 AM - 2 PM


Born on July 13. 1972, the gallery is known for its open dialogue between young artists and masters of Latin Americann Art. It focuses on painting, sculpture, photography amd new projects, expanding the contemporary scene. Since 1998, it expans horizons for new holding exhibitions in various countries such as USA, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Puerto Rico and Chile. It is now noted for its works in modern and contemporary art in Buenos Aires and a staff of more than 20 Latin American artists.


Arte x Arte
Lavalleja 1062, Buenos Aires, Argentina / +54.114.773.2738 / galeriaartexarte.com
Tuesday – Friday, 1:30 PM – 8 PM, & Saturday, 1:30 PM - 4PM


A contemporary gallery with a difference, Arte x Arte focuses solely on video art, photography, and new media techniques, representing emerging and established artists from Argentina as well as those from further afield. You can wander through six rooms filled with permanent exhibitions, as well as a number of temporary shows. In addition, Arte x Arte acts as a central meeting point for photographers, videographers, and new media artists to share their work, ideas, and inspirations.

    I AM COLOR, 2015, videostill.jpg

    Barro Arte Contemporaneo
    Caboto 531, La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ +54.114.978.3759 / barro.cc
    Monday - Friday, 12PM - 7PM, & Saturday, 3PM - 7PM

    BARRO is a gallery which specialises in contemporary art. It provides an open cultural space in which to integrate a whole range of activities related to the production and circulation of art. The gallery works with an important group of Argentinian artists who have successfully forged a prominent local and international career. The motivation behind the choice of a large space within the city's Art District (La Boca) is to make the exhibition of the most contemporary formats in art more accessible to all.  


      Del Infinito Arte Gallery
      Quintana 325, PB, Recoleta, Buenos Aires / +54.114.813.8828 / delinfinito.com
      By Appointment

      Del Infinito opened its doors in 1997 with the aim to be a space for exchanging and promoting Modern and Contemporary Art in the city of Buenos Aires; supporting the production of local and international artists.
      The gallery is located on Presidente Quintana Av. in Recoleta. It has two exhibitionary spaces that create a contrast with the traditional architectual style of the building, which was built over a hundred years ago. In 2008, the gallery incorporated a new space on Alvear Av. which is used as a back room. Both are experimental places which display and support the new disciplines, media and technology applied to art.


      Henrique Faria
      Libertad 1628, Buenos Aires, Argentina / +54.114.813.3251 / henriquefaria-ba.com
      Monday – Friday, 1 PM – 7 PM

      Arte conceptual y contemporáneo de América Latina. Henrique Faria showcases conceptual and contemporary Latin American Art


      Ignacio Liprandi Arte Contemporáneo
      Avenida de Mayo 1480, Buenos Aires, Argentina / +54.114.381.0679 / ignacioliprandi.com
      Monday - Friday, 12 PM – 7:30 PM

      Ignacio Liprandi Contemporary Art is a space dedicated to the exhibition and diffusion of international contemporary art. Founded by Ignacio Liprandi in May 2009, it is characterized by a curatorial proposal that articulates a program of exhibitions, participation in international fairs and the development of a network of curators, galleries and institutions to allow the insertion of its artists in the international circuit


      Praxis International Art
      Arenales 1311, Buenos Aires, Argentina  / +54.114.812.6254 / praxis-art.com
      By Appointment

      Once, when asked to Miguel Kehayoglu why he named the gallery with the name of Praxis, he replied:

      " For Plato, ideas are not men, they are floating in an ideal world and suddenly penetrate the mind of man. To him, the idea seems wonderful, but does not know how to crystallize. In this way, he began to conceive how to put it into practice and there Praxis emerged. The nature of man is evolving, so the Praxis is used to carry out a project, which requires improved, trained, refined and constantly overcome to develop it . Praxis is life itself. "


      Ruth Benzacar Galeria de Arte
      Florida 1000, Buenos Aires, Argentina / +45.114.313.8480 / ruthbenzacar.com
      Monday - Friday, 2PM - 8PM


      The Ruth Benzacar gallery is one of Buenos Aires’ most modern, contemporary art spaces, showcasing works by emerging young artists from all over Argentina.

      Abate Gallery

      Abate Galería
      Pasaje Bollini 2170 Buenos Aires, Argentina / +54 11 4804-8247 / www.abategaleria.com
      By Appointment

      Holz Gallery de Arte

      Holz Galeria de Arte
      Republica Arabe Siria 3065 local 5. CP 1425. Buenos Aires, Argentina/ 5411 4394 0779/ holzgaleriadearte.com.ar

      Dacil Gallery

      Dacil Art Gallery
      Soria 5125. C1414BGQ Buenos Aires. Argentina/ 1.786.201.8904/ dacilart.com

      DACIL is an art gallery and art producer, founded in 2006 by Jorgelina Dacil Infer in Buenos Aires. Gallery works with a critical and reflexive attitude toward aesthetic values. It was established as a meeting point for media experimentation and for the promotion and development of a select group of artists. Dacil has participated in international art fairs and has pop up exhibitions in Buenos Aires and New York.. Dacil promotes art by reaching out to new spaces of expression and exhibition which complement the traditional dissemination channels


      Jorge Mara La Ruche
      Paraná 1133, Buenos Aires, Argentina/(5411) 4813-0552/ jorgemaralaruche.com.ar
      Mon to Fri 11am to 1:30pm / 3pm to 7:30pm / Sat 11am to 1:30pm

      In his latest undertaking, Jorge Mara is focusing on the work of up and coming artists, as well as organizing exhibits spotlighting distinctive facets of already established ones.


      Galeria Azur
       Av. Callao 1701 (Esq. Guido). Buenos Aires/ 54 11 4815.5599/ galeriaazur.com.ar
      Mon to Fri 12pm to 8pm