Carla Pinheiro


Carla Pinheiro

Eternal love with the art world, the simplicity of expression, and creativity that has always been Carla's  companion. Her artistic path crossed clown area, theater, performance, painting, installation, fine arts and lately in the drawing. It is not the ambition that moves her body and soul, but the diversity of bodies in the same SELF. The desires, the existing life on the other, a indeterminable dissatisfaction, so she can not define herself by a name, or profession because Carla do not know what she will do next. Enriches her as a person, navigate in a vacuum, because it allows her to rediscover in a free and creative state, something that holds her full attention.

This is how I see my creative path, but nothing is by chance, what "appears" comes because in a way I'm open for this to happen.

In fun, playing within the creative moment, just as a child, nothing distracts us, we are focused and committed to what we are doing in a relaxed and energetic way. This exercise is based on the 'the creation fun'. Is how the soul operates, enjoying every moment and turning "what is" into "what will be" which never follows a straight line or a predictable course, letting each ingredient contributing to something new.



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