Charlotte Caron

Born in Paris in 1988, she began her vocation early. She joined the “Ecole Boulle” in “STI” Applied Art, continuing her training with a two years preparatory cursus, includinga “Glacière” year in the abstract painting studio of Martin Bissière. 

Charlotte followed evening sessions training with live models workshops of the city of Paris. Later joining the “Beaux-arts “ in Rennes , where she has been graduated twice DNAP (diplôme national d’art plastique) and DNSEP ( diplôme national supérieur d’expression plastique). She brings her contribution to charity action, exhibitions and also produces orders festivals. Charlotte Caron currently lives in Paris where she continues to produce, and keep facing with new techniques.

My work originates from documents that they are scientific, literary, artistic. I lean on a detail, a color, a shape. 
The document allows me to have a first contact with the reality, what allows me to turn away from it better. Using different techniques and visual means I compose, recompose, transforms images. It then follows different themes, anatomy, landscape, hybridization, which are grouped into a single approach : my confrontation with the document.

Exhibitions (click for more)

- 2014, Exposition collective "As Human As.." à la Galerie Carré D'or, Monaco.
- 2014, Collaboration avec le collectif "second kiss compagny".
- 2013, Stage au Louvre en sculpture marbrerie, réalisation d’une sculpture sur marbre.
- 2013, Réalisation d’une oeuvre “la mouche noire” pour le festival court-métrange, Rennes.
- 2013, Exposition collective à Angoulême, à Touzac association Chabram2.
- 2012, Exposition collective “Humanation” à la galerie Claire Corcia, représentée par la galerie RZG, Paris.
- 2012, Stage au Louvre dans l’atelier sculpture marbrerie, accrochages d’expositions, déplacements d’oeuvres, nettoyage et maquillage d’oeuvres, sculpture sur marbre.
- 2012, Exposition collective à l’Ecole Européenne Supérieure d’Art de Bretagne - site de Rennes.
- 2012, Exposition personnelle au Grand Cordel dans le cadre du festival K-Barré, Rennes.
- 2010, Stage à l’Opéra Bastille, ateliers décor-peinture, Paris.


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