Galerie Karsten Greve Cologne
Drususgasse 1-5 50667 Cologne, Germany / 4922.1257.1012/

Karsten Greve is a German art dealer. He is founder and owner of diverse galleries named Galerie Karsten Greve. In 1973, Karsten Greve opened his first gallery in Cologne with an exhibition of Yves Klein. Since 1977 his galleries regularly take part in major art fairs like Art Basel, Miami Art fair, Art Cologne and Foire internationale d’art contemporain, Paris.Meanwhile, he runs three art galleries in Cologne, Paris, and St Moritz, all of which are named Galerie Karsten Greve.Open: Tue-Fri: 10am - 6.30pm & Saturday, 10am - 6pm.


Die Kunst Agentin
Maastrichter Strasse 26. 50672 Cologne, Germany / 4922.1888.9910/

The Gallery is located in the heart of the district Belgique in Cologne and showcases artists in the context of an international movement that blurs the boundaries between urban and fine art. The Gallery is working with an existing network of international artists. The exhibition space is an active platform for cultural experiences that feature and celebrate  the exchange of the vibrant international art scene. Open: Thu - Sat, 12pm-8pm. and by appointment.


Daniel Buchholz
Neven-DuMont-Str. 17 50667 Köln/ 4922.1257.4946/

Galerie Buchholz is an art gallery specializing in international contemporary art with exhibition spaces in Cologne, Berlin and New York City. The gallery was founded in Cologne in 1986 by Daniel Buchholz, and today is run jointly with Christopher Müller. Open: Tue-Sat,  11am-6pm.


Gisela Capitain
St. Apern Straße 26, 50667 Cologne/ 4922.1355.7010/

Galerie Gisela Capitain was founded in 1986 and is focused on International Contemporary Art from the 1980s to the present. Galerie Gisela Capitain is the exclusive worldwide representative of The Estate of Martin Kippenberger since 1997. In October 2008 Gisela Capitain has opened a new, 1300 square meter space in a 1960s glass pavilion in Berlin in collaboration with Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York, to continue and extend the gallery‘s program of exhibitions and projects.Open: Tue-Fri,  10am-6pm; Saturday 11am - 6pm.


Galerie Susanne Zander
Antwerpener Str. 1 D-50672 Köln/ 49 221 - 52 16 25/


Galerie Susanne Zander was founded in 1988 in Cologne. Since its beginning, the activities of the gallery has focused on the discovery and promotion of unique artistic positions beyond popular trends. Origin of the exhibition program are Art Brut and Outsider Art. With their exploration of borderline areas, Delmes & Zander has systematically expanded prevailing concepts of art. In recent years, the gallery has increasingly presented works by anonymous artists. Open: Tue-Sat,  12pm-6pm; Sa 11am - 4pm.




Galerie Artclub
Melchiorstraße 14, Cologne, Germany/ 4917.9120.0248/

A new gallery formate with the name „artclub“ has been arisen in the centre of Cologne. It is a constant representation for artists which is unique worldwide up to today. The „artclub is a combination of gallery, artists club, artists archive and room for events. Altogether the gallery presents 100 artists who receive a permanent room for presentation in which they can present themselves and chosen works in a fastidious frame and in which they can offer their art in a professional surrounding. In addition the artclub has the essential aim to make the participating artists more prominent.

OffArtCologne Galerie.jpg

OffArtCologne Galerie
Filzengraben 1-3, Cologne, Germany/ 4917.1899.8989/

The Off Art Cologne Gallery is a small producer gallery in the old town of Cologne. The exhibition space is small, with a personal and intimate vibe, and minimalist decor that compliments the flamboyant art.


Galerie Nagel Draxler
Brüsseler Straße 85, 50672 Cologne, Germany/ 4922.1257.0591/

Christian Nagel gallery was founded in Cologne in 1990. At the beginning of 2009, Saskia Draxler and Christian Nagel joined as gallery partners. At the beginning of 2013 Christian Nagel gallery changed name to Nagel Draxler. Open: Mon-Sat, 1am-7pm.


Galerie Boisserée
Drususgasse 7-11 - D-50667 Cologne, Germany/ 4922.1257.8519/

Gallery Boisseree was founded in Cologne in the year 1838, and presently shows art of the 20th and 21st centuries on two exhibition levels, notably graphic art and paintings after 1950, as well as contemporary art. The gallery focuses on original graphic technique as well as works on paper, and binds art dealership (with pre-established names) with gallery activity in the contemporary art field.