Cornelis Timmer

A comprehensive explanation of my work is and has been a tricky exercise for me and I have never been able to satisfactorily give one. I will also say that this is not necessarily of great concern to me.

Abstract art involves a virtual world with no boundaries or limitations. Arshile Gorky, a leading abstractionist of the 1930’s and 40’s said of abstract art; “ Abstract art enables the artist to perceive beyond the tangible, to extract the infinite out of the finite. It is the emancipation of the mind. It is an explosion into unknown areas."

Generally I explain my work as a constructed imagery of lines and colours emphasising an interplay of shapes through balance, harmony, symmetry, rhythm, tension, sensitivity and order with a strong sense of design. Observation, vision and engagement are key elements in this process.

However, looking at my work created over the last 5 to 6 years chronologically one notices a more or less obvious reduction of the composition and a simplification of design as the years progress. I observe this as a most likely counteract to our ever more perplexing global society which seems to become more and more complicated by the day.

Also, in a world of changing values and the emphasis on the ‘immediate’, our visual cognisance is in a state of flux. Aesthetic observations and the values that come with it are becoming more fluid as the world is coming to terms with new visual realities thanks to technology.

Part of my work no doubt deals with elements of control. In a world for the larger part completely out of my control and unpredictable I strive for some stability in a world which only I create and direct.

Currently I produce two types of work. One executed in paint and the other in plastics.

Both, but in particular the ‘reduced’ plastic works are to a large extent a pursuit of clarity, purpose and maybe a certain truth trying to withstand being swept away by the complexities of our modern society.




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