Cristina Ghetti
I work with geometric abstraction, the goal of my work is both the interest in the  re-contextualization of the foundational ideas of Abstraction , incorporating contaminations and re-appropriations, mostly of works of the 60’s.

I’m interested in points from concret art, constructivism, kinetic and op art, permiting free transits and reconnections between forms and ideas belonging to different periods, traditions and categories in my own work.

Most of my work is a study in progress about perception, or better the boundaries between perception and reality, and art practice is an interesting field to study this condition.

I’m now centralizad in the use of digital tools to materialize art pieces of different formats, I’m focused to an evolution of abstract ad kinetic art, with special mention of Op art. Interrelating: geometry, color, mouvement and sound, using the languages developed in the concetual territory of abstraction, in the context of new Technologies and new ways of producing/diffusing the art work. I’m interested also in using programming from a visual and creatice perspective exploring the results in art pieces. My paintings are generated first in the computer, then translated to traditional painting, I like to mix and play with media crossings.

As an artist, I’m interested in the connection with other fields, I’m working in team projects with infomaticitians and mathematitians.

Before living in Spain, I grew up and studied art in Argentina, without going out of my country, idealizing modernism and seeing art in at books and magazines, I think this was a special condition for my background ideas, I don’t know exactly how to explain this point but I know it’s important.

I’m an Argentine artist living in Valencia, Spain. The visual art tendencies based in geometric abstraction orient conceptual and formally my art work since some years ago. My  production had been mostly centered in painting and instalation, recently I began to incorporate new media in my work believing that it can emphasize concepts as inmersive spaces, synestesia, interactivity and participation , analizing how these carachteristics can enrich the conceptual dimentions of the art work. I continued studiyng in Spain, I have a Master of visual arts and multimedia at the UPV, Polythecnic University Valencia, Spain, andactually develop my doctoral thesis “Post Medial Geometry”, where I make a research about the development of new geometries in visual arts. I work as an Art Teacher in a secondary school.


Double Wave NB
Zig Streching
Dizzy Pink