Galerie de Arte AFK

Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery s.r.o.
U Starého hrbitova 40-46,110 00 Prague 1, Czech

Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery, founded in 2009, is an art gallery and auction house specialising in the sale of high quality paintings, sculptures and design works of the higher price bracket. Ever since its establishment, ALAG has played an active part in organising art exhibitions and in publishing.



Trema - Arte Contemporânea

Antikvity Art Aukce
Jilova 2, 639 00 Brno, Czech Republic420.543.213.482/

Antikvity Art Aukce offers everyone a wide range of sevices including buying and selling of a whole range of antiques with a special emphasis on paintings, furniture and jewellery, buying and selling of works of art (inclusive of living artists).


Galerie Arcimboldo
Kaiserstejnsky, palac Malostranske nam. 23-37, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic/ 420.603.811.873/

Galerie Arcimboldo began in 2009 with its first auction of Asian art, the first sale specializing in Asian art in the Czech Republic since the time of the First Republic. In its short existence, Galerie Arcimboldo has become one of the most successful auction houses in the country and holds the top ten positions on the list of the most expensive Chinese paintings sold at auction in the Czech Republic.

International Art Centre 3.jpg

Arthouse Hejtmánek
Goetheho 17/ 2, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic420.603.511.971/

Welcome to the auction house and gallery ARTHOUSE HEJTMANEK. The residency built in 17th century in Prague, the heart of Europe, is dignified home for art, antiquities and design nowadays. There can be found beautiful items that most people enjoy to be surrounded with and collect them from times immemorial.


Galerie Dolmen
Pštrossova 31,, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic/ 420.604.815.877/

Gallery Dolmen after moving from Opatovicka street now operates in 31 Pštrossova street in Prague.
It features paintings, prints and sculptures 19 to 21 century.


European Arts Investments
Jugoslávských partyzánu 20, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic/

Since 1919, Leonard Joel has provided private, public and commercial clients alike with a complete suite of auction management services and the largest auction market for the dispersal and purchase of art, objects, antiques, jewellery, collectables and design and interior furniture in the country. Visitors to Leonard Joel will enjoy an environment that in so many ways retains the original character and atmosphere of a 19th century auction room, but with a commitment to providing each client with a professional, transparent and ultimately enjoyable experience.


Galerie Kodl
Vítezná 11, 150 00 Prague, Czech Republic/ 420.251.512.728/

Mr. Jan Kodl and his wife – Helena von Rudkowsky settle in Pisek in 1885 and with a financial loan from her father he buys the entire heritage of Gamisch family jointly with his partners, Barth and Bloch. Apart from brickworks and land in Prague’s suburb also a complete picture gallery of Gamisch passed to Kodl. This was the very moment giving rise to the future family collecting tradition effecting lives of next generations.