Daniela Schweinsberg

After successful years in my educated profession (diploma in business adminstration) I started with art 2004. First as a self taught artist, later on I went to teachers and courses at renownedinstitutions. Regularly exhibitions since 2009. 2014 I was shown for the first time on the international renowned ART.FAIR2014 in Cologne; again in 2015. All of my later artworks (since about 2010) are informal – they’re developed on the canvas or paper. My artworks are acrylic/mixed media works. I find my inspirations in colours and materials - for example in a beautiful deep turquoise mountain lake or in the washed-out grey of concrete in a city. Based on such impressions and inspirations I commence my work and my artwork often comes to life in little series. Each painting is unique and the creation and development of each painting is a time consuming and slow process, usually lasting many weeks and in some cases up to a few months. My paintings are acrylic mix paintings, for example, acrylic paint with charcoal, oil pastels, pencils, spray paint and many other artistic materials. I often combine these materials with natural materials and objects from nature (e.g., leaf seeds) as well as with ash, sand or building materials such as grout or plaster. My pieces of art are created informally. Each step builds on the previous step, leaving room for chance but also for corrections and erasures, until the final finished artwork has evolved as a composition of colour, shape, texture and surface. Due to the complexity of my paintings and the interplay of (collage) materials, my works are not simply one-dimensional, rather they entice the viewer not just to explore them with their eyes but also to touch them. My works of art are informal; they are my personal expressions of my experiences and impressions and each piece of art is truly unique and only one of its kind.