Eliza Stamps

Life is a beautiful mess, chaotic and lovely. As we forge our way through space and time, moving in and out of regular patterns, experiences are layered with moments of tumult and tranquility.

My work is a meditation on the evocative quality of line, an investigation now over a decade in the making. I am interested in how much information and emotion can be communicated, devoid of color or representation. I have a single parameter: one line, followed continuously until the composition is complete.

I work slowly and methodically, building tiny narratives as the line winds its way across the page. Each loop is scrutinized while I work to understand the larger picture I am creating. The push and pull of darkness and light, emptiness and fecundity vacillates, constantly presenting new problems to be solved.

I have long-winded treatises on sociologic and philosophical principles the underlay this work but the truth is, I don’t believe this is important. I would like the viewer to have their own discoveries, unfettered by grandiose explanations that may or may not be evident. Instead, I want to make bold assertions with a single chord that evoke ideas that I could never imagine.



Skeleton Vest