Bukowskis Helsinki
Stora Robertsgatan 12, 00120 Helsinki, Finland/ 3580.9668.9110/ www.bukowskis.com  

Founded in 1870 by Polish nobleman Henryk Bukowski, Bukowskis has conducted auctions in Sweden for the past 140 years. Bukowskis is one of the oldest salesrooms for Fine Art in Scandinavia and continues to showcase the unique and beautiful even today. Bukowskis headquarters are located in Stockholm with branches in Helsinki (Finland) as well as Gothenburg and Malmö in Sweden. The company has representatives all around Europe, USA and Asia and has a longstanding tradition of specialist knowledge of the highest degree.

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Hagelstam & CoHagelstam & Co
Bulevardi 9A, 00120 Helsinki, Finland3580.9687.7990www.hagelstam.fi

Hagelstam & Co art auctioneering founded in 1979 with Wenzel Hagelstam's passion in art, antiques and collectables. W. Hagelstam's Auctions became a household name in Finland. Wenzel's ground-breaking thought was to create a place to trade art and antiquities in a personal manner, and during the years the initial functions have been developed. Auctioneering branch increased its clientele and in 1986, while the address Bulevardi 9 begun to signify art auctions in general, the firm name was changed to Bulevardi's Auctions. In 1991 the name was changed further to Hagelstam Fine Art Auctioneers.