Gabriela Goldman

Born in Tucumán, Argentina, in 1975. Gabriela Goldman studies Plastic Arts at the National University of Tucumán where she specialises in painting and graduates in 2001 with an average of 8,35.

Having finished her studies, she starts to travel regularly to Buenos Aires where she affiliates with leading figures of the art scene as well as with important gallery owners.She meets Adolfo Nigro who, interested in her work, invites her to take part in his clases in Buenos Aires during 2 years. At the same time she gets to know the preeminent artist Felipe Noé who invites her to take part in his ‘ Art Clinics’.

She later continues her artistic formation thanks to a sholarship from Fundación Antorchas with Juan Doffo who, up to today, follows her creative work very closely.

In 2005 she finishes the technical career of sculpturing at the school of fine arts in Tucumán.

She takes part in several seminars and conventions about the arts and forms part of several collective exhibitions.

In addition to her artistic work she is in charge of the workshop ‘Art Therapy’ at the clinic ‘Casa Grande’, a hospital for kids with special capacities in San Miguel de Tucumán. This workshop implies expositions in theatres and cultural centres with the aim of integrating those young people into society by means of the arts.

She is a pioneer in Argentina in the field of illustrated stories for young people with special capacities.

Exhibitions (click for more)

- 2013, Argentine Consulate General and Promotion Center in New York - Art Gallery.
- 2012, College of Economic Science of San Miguel de Tucumán.
- 2010, "Casa de Tucumán" in Buenos Aires to exhibit her work.
- 2008, Tucumán Center Hotel, Argentina.
- 2001, "Origins", Fundación Banco Empresario?. Tucumán. Argentina.

- 2009, Selected to take part in an exhibition organized by the Art Gallery. Toronto, Canadá
- 2004, Borges Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- 2002, Art Gallery Holz. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
- 2002, Salón de Pintura, Fundación Banco de la Nación Argentina. Regional Museum of Fine Arts
- 2002, "Timoteo Navarro". Tucumán, Argentina.
- 2002, "Ezequiel Linares". Cultural Centre, Eugenio Flavio Virla. Tucumán, Argentina.
- 2001, Arts Gallery Laura Haber. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
- 2001, "Regional Painting". Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- 1999, "Sculpture and Painting in the Third Millennium" Ministry of Culture and Education. Tucuman, Argentina.
- 1992, "Por la vida" Noar Bank Foundation. Tucumán, Argentina.


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