bill 1

What are you most proud of? Making my folks proud of me. They put such an effort into raising me, it means a lot to be creating work that somehow perfectly splits the differences and similarities between my Mom and my Dad.  

If you want an answer about something I've created, I think my most recent piece, Prismatic_NYC. It's a kinetic sculpture, and a permanent installation hovering over the High Line Park in Manhattan, it's very stunning.

What is your earliest memory of creating art? Dr. Sicko, it was my first installation. I was maybe 7 or 8 and helped my Dad work on his Halloween gag. He organized that, and the larger effort, the "Ride of Terror" - a Hayrack ride through the cornfields of Nebraska. 

What is something you cannot live without? A great salsa bar, it's a bit embarrassing but chips and salsa is my favorite food. That, or a fantastic massage. 

What is your favorite tool? Email, simply put. 

Where is the best place you’ve ever traveled to? I remember being in Bagan, Myanmar very distinctly, surrounded by the thousands of historic temples. Simply gorgeous. But I really enjoy being in Central and South America. I love Chile, Argentina, Mexico - something about being able to speak the language, it helps you travel that much deeper into those areas.

What is the one thing you would always recommend? Sleep.

If you could steal one piece of art, what would it be? Sheesh!! A massive Basquiat. Or maybe, it's the experience you have while taking in a James Turrell piece. Or a Dan Flavin piece, I really love the artists who explore playing with light - it's largely my medium, too. 

What’s your favorite color? Grey.

If you could have dinner with any one person from history (dead or alive) who would that be? Can I pick someone from the future?

Tell me something no one knows about yourself. Some people know this, but I had an intraoperative brain surgery in 2013. It means I was largely awake for the whole 8-hour long operation.  

Grass or concrete? I can only imagine the real meaning of this question. That said, I used to be very concrete, but now I'm moving towards grass.