Garth & Pierre

Amundson and Gour are a collaborative team who explore the perceptions surrounding the domestic sphere, immigration politics, and identity.  They use collage and photo-scanning techniques to speak metaphorically about social and cultural construction. They are a team who insist on producing challenging work that provokes a response.

Amundson holds an MFA from Syracuse University and Gour from the University of New Mexico.  They both currently teach at Western Washington University in the Department of Art. Their work has been exhibited in South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and throughout North America.  They have completed several residency programs, both independently and collaboratively; Sculpture Space in NY, Cimelice Castle near Prague, Fundación Valparaíso in Spain, Lademoen in Norway, and a Fulbright in Mexico.  Most recently they received a Rockefeller Foundation Residency Award and completed a residency at The Bellagio Center in Italy during the summer of 2014. In the spring they participated in Identify at the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago. Currently they are preparing for their upcoming exhibition in South Korea featuring their new work.


Mr & Mr I
Mr. & Mr. X
Mr. & Mr. V