Gerdi Möller-Jensan

Having a successful carrier in business information technology for quite a long time, I began to deal with fine art in the late 90's. I began to look into new ways to express my thoughts, emotions and feelings and the process of creating art gave
me the freedom, I was looking for.

Most of my works are abstract today. They usually develop in an informal process. First and foremost I am guided by my gut feeling, but I always check the created current situation - overpainting it again and again with color, sand, glass, and everything that inspires me; layer after layer; These paintings are in flux until I feel they are balanced and resolved.

Today I might use painting to convey my thought and feelings... tomorrow I might use the PC to express myself. My work
is infused with the spirit and energy I felt at the moment I created it and should evoke different feelings in the audience depending on their individual experiences and memories. I like to encourage viewers to interpret the works in their own way.
To raise awareness and make viewers curious to discover hidden and unknown realities is a real incitement to me.

Exhibitions (click for more)

- 2013, ain‘t no limits - Kunstforingen Humlebaek, Denmark
- 2011, Typisch Jansen – Kulturverein, Aumühle
- 2010, Die Letzten Ihrer Art - GMC; Hamburg
- 2009, Editionen - Galerie Länge*Breite, Wenningstedt/Sylt
- 2007, absolute privacy - P-Gallery , Ratingen
- 2006, Querschnitte - CP Artforum, Hamburg
- 2005, Elemente - Foyer Neues Rathaus, Rendsburg
- 2004, Bewegte Zeiten - KS Media, Hamburg
- 2004, Inspiration - T-Systems, Hamburg

- 2016, über_Gewissheit, Xpon-Art Galerie, Hamburg
- 2013, an::sehen - Xpon-Art Galerie, Hamburg
- 2009, NordStart - Xpon-Art Galerie, Hamburg
- 2009, Tangente - Kunstflecken, Neumünster
- 2005, Kunst trifft Mode, - Designzentrum , Zweibrücken


Fire and Flame
The Race
Elbe 1