Giuseppe De Bellis

Giuseppe De Bellis, Painter & Music composer born in 1967 in Taranto, Italy. Resident in Copenhagen Denmark since 1987. Painting and artistic expression started very early for De Bellis when he was a child, and it was obvious for him as a teenager that the technical school he was attending chosen by his well-meaning parents, didn't work for him; the drive for the creative was the only choice. So he started a band, and lived the musicians life in Italy until the age of 20, when he moved to Copenhagen and began painting seriously, selling privately worldwide; UK, USA, Italy, Germany, Sweden ad well as in Copenhagen where he is still living and successfully releasing vinyl printed music as well. 


"The colors represented the reflection of that specific energy I see in a face. The different expressions, the situations a human being can find him and herself in - this is what interests me. 'Freedom is not a free space. Freedom is participation. But most work today holds people clamped down: We may think we are free, but the routine, the constant restraint, makes me think we don not have the freedom we think we have. What our daily life consists of, every day, what society makes us do with that seems to be an invisible force." - Giuseppe De Bellis