Haechang Sun

Haechang Sun is a New York based tattoo and visual artist from South Korea. He currently works in the
medium of tattooed leathers. He completed a BFA, concentrating in sculpture, at Hongik University School
of Art in Seoul, South Korea and studied surface design in the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. He was featured in the first issue of Art Yellow Book #1 and will be featured in a Spring 2016 Issue of Palaver-University of North Carolina Wilmington's online interdisciplinary journal.

Since 2012, Sun has been working as a tattoo artist. He is fascinated by the process of injecting ink under skin, and has started using tattoos as a medium to present his reflections of what he was educated and learned. He believes that tattoos serve as symbols for imprinted perspectives that cannot naturally be removed. He holds firmly to the drawings, yet explores three-dimensional formats that he mastered in college. The focus of Sun's work is freedom, incorporating his idea that “we are not as free from what we have learned - at school, at home, and in the societies where we were born and raised - as we think.”