Hanna ten Doornkaat

An important part of my work is the exploration of the process and meaning of drawing and in particular ‘non-objective’’ drawing. The repetition of marks ,lines and grids as a compositional format are regularly recurring elements .This combined with the use of a humble and very traditional drawing tool, the graphite pencil, is something I really enjoy.

The laborious weaving and layering of surfaces creates fragments of something that is no longer there and which moves between the visible and the invisible.The majority of my work is made up of a repetition of densely applied graphite pencil lines drawn in straight rows which interweave to produce compact, refracted surfaces mainly on plywood panels but also paper..These are sanded back, occasionally painted over, masked, redrawn, sanded back and often repeated several times in a process to reveal and conceal.

My aim is to create a palimpsest, like something that has extensive evidence of or layers showing traces or bearing imprints of something that was and no longer is. My inspiration comes from a huge number of art sources, exhibitions visited, social media, but more often from fragments of something remembered or seen which is then made visible. This can be a shape, a colour combination, a mark, a texture.

I usually start with a doodle on a scrap paper rarely in a sketchbook. Once begun I am happiest when the work takes the lead and tells me where to go. That’s when new ideas develop. Very often the best works are those that I had abandoned because they didn’t pass my critical judgment at some point and which then get worked over and changed completely.

I often work in groups where the works become installations on my studio walls which change regularly. The drawings can be viewed as groupings but also exist as singular works. 


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