Galleria Heino

Galleria Heino
Uudenmaankatu 16-20. FI-00120 Helsinki/ 3589.672.678/

Galleria Heino is a Finnish contemporary art gallery founded in 2002 in the centre of Helsinki. The gallery shows art in different media - painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation and moving image work. The gallery premises consist of two spaces that can be combined into one exhibition hall or used separately. The two spaces allow full-scale private exhibitions for two artists to be staged simultaneously. Open: Tue-Fri, 11 am-5 pm.



Galerie Forsblom

Galerie Forsblom
Lönnrotinkatu 5 / Yrjönkatu 22. 00120 Helsinki, Finland/ 3589.680.3700/

Galerie Forsblom holds a unique position on the Nordic art scene as one of the largest and most international contemporary art galleries by bringing international established artists to its exhibition spaces in Helsinki and Stockholm. While the exhibition programs consist of a wide rage of medias within the visual arts, Galerie Forsblom is highly profiled as presenting excellence in contemporary painting as well as sculpture. Open: Tue-Fri, 11 am-6 pm; Saturday, 11am-4 pm; Sunday 12am to 4pm.


Galerie Anhava
Fredrikinkatu 43, 00120 Helsinki, Finland/ 3589.669.989/

Galerie Anhava focuses on contemporary Finnish and Nordic art with an active role at the international level. The gallery was founded in 1991 and merged with Galerie Artek in 1997. The gallery’s exhibition program encompasses all forms of contemporary visual art, from painting and sculpture to photography, video and installation, with special emphasis on conceptual art. Galerie Anhava is one of the very few Finnish galleries that is actively involved in the international art world through participating in art fairs and creating an international network. Open: Tue-Fri, 11 am–5 pm; Saturday – Sunday, 12 am–4 pm.


Helsinki Contemporary
Bulevardi 10, 00120 Helsinki, Finland/ 3589.2785.301/

Established in 2012, Helsinki Contemporary was created following a re-fashioning of the popular Gallery Kalhama and Piippo Contemporary, complete with a new name and new artistic direction. Helsinki Contemporary focuses on collaborating with both established artists and emerging talents whose artwork demonstrates a discourse between the society in which it inhabits and the spaces in which it is presented. Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 11 am–5 pm; Thursday 11am–6 pm; Saturday-Sunday, 12 am–4 pm.


Korjaamo Galleria
Töölönkatu 51, 00250 Helsinki, Finland/ 0400.824.229/

Korjaamo Galleria is a private gallery running in Helsinki, Finland since 2004 and it is situated at the Korjaamo Culture Factory. The gallery presents contemporary art; photography, video art and paintings from Finland and abroad. It represents a growing number of Finnish, Nordic and Baltic artist in Finland and internationally.


Ama Gallery
Rikhardinkatu 1, FI-00130 Helsinki, Finland/ 3585.0589.4969/

Founded in 2000, Galleria Ama originally called the neighboring city of Turku its home before it moved to a larger and more flexible space in the center of Helsinki in 2007. The gallery focuses mainly on contemporary Finnish painters but also exhibits artists who work with photography, installation, and sculpture. It has also been known to introduce artists from outside Finland, as far afield as Australia, to the country’s contemporary art scene. Open:Tue-Fri, 11 am–5 pm; Sat-Sun 12 am–4 pm.


Iso Roobertinkatu 16, 00120 Helsinki, Finland/ 3584.5883.3716/

The Pro Artibus Foundation is an independent organisation affiliated with the Foundation for Swedish Culture in Finland. Its main mission is to promote visual arts in all parts of the Swedish-speaking regions of Finland. The foundation manages and expands an art collection comprising of work by Swedish-speaking Finnish artists. Pro Artibus maintains the Art Centre for Swedish-speaking Finns in Ekenäs. The Art centre includes Gallery Elverket. Open: Tue-Sun, 11 am– 5 pm.


Valokuvagalleria Hippolyte
Yrjönkatu 8–10, FI-00120 Helsinki, Finland/ 3589.612.3344/

Photographic Gallery Hippolyte was founded in 1978 in a former upholstery workshop, a small one-room space on Pietarinkatu street in Helsinki. The gallery continues to focus on photography and photography-based art. It hosts 12 exhibitions annually, most by Finnish artists, with two to four international exhibitions. During the course of its existence, Photographic Gallery Hippolyte has hosted over 200 photographic exhibitions. Open: Tue-Fri, 12 am–5 pm; Sat–Sun, 12 am–4 pm; (during summer 1.7.–31.7. Mon-Fri 12 am–5 pm).


Ruoholahdenranta 3a, 00180 Helsinki, Finland/ 3585.0524.1781/

FORUM BOX is a non-profit artist-run co-operative society, which was initiated in 1996 by sculptor Kain Tapper. Its main purpose is to maintain an art space in Helsinki in order to enrich and support the Finnish cultural life. Currently Forum Box co-op has over 80 artist members, all of which are prominent Finnish artists and actors in the field of contemporary art. Open: Tue-Fri, 11 am-5 pm; Saturday-Sunday 12 am-4 pm.


Muu galleria
Lönnrotinkatu 33, 00180 Helsinki, Finland/ 3589.625.972/

MUU gallery has profiled itself as an uncommercial multiform stage for installations, video art, audio pieces and performance exhibitions. The gallery presents artists whose works have yet to be seen in mainstream galleries, but also acclaimed representatives of experimental art. The artistic course is determined by the choices made by the board of exhibition and the curators. Open: Tue-Fri, 12 am-5 pm; Sat-Sun, 12 am-4 pm.