Ansuini Aste
Viale Bruno Buozzi 107, 00197 Rome, Italy/ 3906.4568.3960/

ANSUINI 1860 ASTE is an Auction House specialized in Ancient Art, Ancient Coins, Art Objects, Ancient Silverware, Asian Art, Fine Wines, Jewellery, Manuscripts and Ancient Books, Modern and Contemporary Art, Watches and Luxury Accessories. ANSUINI 1860 ASTE, belongs to the Ansuini family, historic Maison of Roman Jewellers that used to be trustees of the Pontifical Sacristy and of the Savoia Royal Family. Casa d'Aste 1.jpg Casa d'Aste
Viale Venezia 90, Brescia,

Founded in 1969, Durán Arte y Subastas is the oldest and most prestigious auction house in Spain. In its almost fifty years of history has focused on offering collectors around the world the most desired art objects. Important pieces of archeology, ancient painting and sculpture, nineteenth-century and contemporary art, clocks and jewels, books and manuscripts, wines, decorative arts and ethnography have been included in their catalogs, thus contributing to the development of large collections of reference.



Aste Boetto.jpg

Aste Boetto
Mura dello Zerbino 10 Rosso, Genoa 16122, Italy/ 3901.0254.1314/

The Auction House Boetto was born years ago with the aim of helping, through the sale of furniture and objects from the most important Genoese families, the Diocesan Caritas.Over the years it has turned into a S.R.L. continuing to still give an annual contribution to Caritas.The Casa d'Aste Boetto is on the market with specialized auctions: furniture, paintings and objects from the fifteenth to the twentieth century painting of the nineteenth century, Contemporary Art, Design and Visual Arts and Photography. In recent times it has also specialized in Oriental Art and Jewels auctions.


Via Caio Duilio 4d/10, 80125 Naples, Italy/ 3908.1239.5261/

Blindhouse was founded in 1979, a unique and futuristic super-armoured vault for the custody of valuables and assets in Southern Italy, one of the first strong rooms of this kind in Italy. After more than twenty years of experience, having become a leader in the field of safety, Blindhouse establishes Blindarte auction house and enters the art market. Blindarte auction house started its activity of sales by auction of works and objects from private collections in Naples, a town with great culture and deep-rooted collecting, by carrying out auctions once a year, including a wide range of art objects of several kinds.


Cambi Casa d'Aste
Castello Mackenzie, Mura di San Bartolomeo 16, Genoa, 16122 Italy/ 3901.0839.5029/

Cambi Auction House was set up in 1998 after a long activity in fine arts and auctions field, standing out immediatelly as one of the rapidly emerging realities at a national and European level. Together with the traditional fine arts auctions, Cambi stands out for its specialist auctions addressed also to niche sectors as maritime art, scientific instruments, fine frames and mirrors, departments that are continuously still specializig today. The year 2000 was the year of the first sale hapening out of the headquarters of Cambi, held in Villa Toscanelli in the province of Pisa


Casa d'Aste Della Rocca
Via della Rocca 33, 10123 Turin, Italy/ 3901.1812.3070/

Della Rocca Auction House was founded in Turin in 1986 and is run by brothers Giacomo and Guglielmo Fiorio, accomplished antique dealers and refined art connoisseurs. Della Rocca Auction House has always worked with private and religious institutions and assisted collectors, experts in the field and private buyers in general in acquiring art objects and antiques, and in selling their works, spanning all the more specific sections: furniture, carpets, old master and contemporary paintings, sculptures, pottery, majolicas, chinaware, silverware, glassware, jewellery, of every period and provenance. Della Rocca Auction House offices and exhibition room are at 33, via Della Rocca, housed in a prestigious neoclassical building in one of Turin’s most famous and elegant streets in the 19th- century expansion of the city.


Capitoliumart Casa D'Aste
Via Carlo Cattaneo 55, Brescia, 25100 Italy/ 3903.0207.2256/

Auction house founded in Brescia in 1988, conducts auctions of Modern Art, Ancient Art and Design.


Casa d'Aste Meeting Art S.p.A.
Corso Adda, 11, 13100 Vercelli, Italy/ 3901.612.291/

Art market was established in 1979. The auction house operates through six departments: Modern Art and contemporary, paintings of the nineteenth and twentieth century, oriental rugs, modern and antique jewelry, Orologimoderni and antique, antiques. Tip of the Meeting Art Diamond is undoubtedly the modern and contemporary art sector, which alone accounts for over half of the turnover, proposing famous names of the national and international art scene and also dedicating space to emerging artists. Remarkable is also the contribution of the sector dedicated to watches.


Casa d'Aste Vincent
Via Tito Angelini, 29, 80129 Naples, Italy/ 3908.1372.3315/

Luigi Laccarino, who inherited from padre Vincenzo respect and love for art, in 2003, makes a bet with himself: to open an art gallery and auction house in Vomero, a city within at city, which historically from 800 onwards has been a center of attraction for many artists.The gallery has been active in organizing exhibitions and events, and also tends to the discovery of niche artists and the revival of talent too early and unjustly removed from the collective memory.


Christie's Milan
Palazzo Clerici, Via Clerici 5, Milan, 20121 Italy/ 3902.303.2831/

Christie's has been active in Italy since 1958. The headquarters are located in Milan, where all auctions and viewings are held. Today, auctions take place once a year in the spring, with a focus on Modern & Contemporary Art. Working hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm



Fabiani Arte
Fabiani Arte Hotels di Fabiani Piero & C. s.n.c., Montecatini Terme, Italy/ 3905.7291.0502/

Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture and Graphic Artists of the 800, the '900 Modern and Contemporary. The Fabiani Art was founded in 2004 after a long and cultivated love for art, then turned into passion, collecting, trading and consulting. The brothers Paolo and Piero Fabiani have for many years developed study and knowledge for Labronici painters and for macchiaioli to become experts admirers of artists of international stature. The insatiable continues attention to the artistic world 800 '900 Modern and Contemporary, friendship with the most important art critics, artists, collectors and renowned expertise in this area are opening the doors to the "Fabiani Art gallery" that annually organizes four auctions of rich national and international artists works created by painters and sculptors.


Viale della Repubblica, Area museo Pecci, Prato 59100, Italy/ 3905.7457.2400/

Farsettiarte, founded in 1955 by Frediano and Franco Farsetti, got its start as an art gallery in Prato, quickly making a name for itself through the organization of prestigious exhibitions. In 1962, it opened an auction house, which drew immediate interest from collectors and the market as a whole. The gallery and auction house have travelled parallel paths, and though they have acted as a reciprocal stimulus, they have always retained their own autonomy, creating a truly unique phenomenon for the Italian art market. A new location in Prato, next to the Luigi Pecci museum of contemporary art, was inaugurated in 1991. This modern, impressive facility, which has helped the company intensify its auctions and hold large-scale exhibitions, is Farsettiarte's operating and management headquarters.


Finarte Milan
Via Brera, 8, Milan, 20121 Italy/ 3902.3656.9100/

Finarte was founded in 1959, by the Milanese banker Gian Marco Manusardi, with the purpose of assisting collectors in the acquisition and trade of artworks. From the very beginning the strategy of the auction house appeared to be clear: focusing on specialized auctions, from old masters to contemporary art, from silver to jewelry, from numismatics to porcelains and all other main collecting sectors. Finarte deals with art from the XIII century up to the most important contemporary artists, offering a great variety of artworks. Currently Finarte focuses on the following departments: Modern and Contemporary Art, XIX Century European Art, Old Masters Paintings, Extra European Art and Photography.


Gonnelli Casa D' Aste
Via Ricasoli 6-14r-16r, 50122 Florence, Italy/ 3905.5216.835/

Officially founded in 1875, Gonnelli is one of the oldest and most historic antiquarian bookshops still existing in Italy, run by the same family and having never changed its seat on Via Ricasoli, next to the Duomo. After almost 150 years, Gonnelli manages to maintain and cultivate the tradition of a historic activity offering thus its own contribution to that booklover that unites us with the world: “amor librorum nos unit.”


Il Ponte Casa d'Aste
Palazzo Crivelli, Via Pontaccio 12, 20121 Milan, Italy/ 3902.8631.472/

Founded in 1974 by Stefano Redaelli, il Ponte has its historic offices and salesroom in Via Pontaccio 12 in the splendid frame of Palazzo Crivelli at the heart of Brera. In the past few years the spaces in via Pontaccio have hosted a series of collateral events such as exhibitors during the Salone del Mobile and a display of ancient Japanese screens, with the intent of promoting not only Palazzo Crivelli but particularly Il Ponte Casa d'Aste. Il Ponte is continuously evolving and developing to adapt to the new demands of the market and of customers and to increase its professional capacities.


Martini Studio D'Arte
Borgo Pietro Wuhrer, 125, 25123 Brescia, Italy/ 3903.0242.5709/

Martini’s Art Studio, founded by Paolo Martini, was born in the early ‘90s as an Art Gallery. In order to satisfy market demands the Auction House was created in 2006, specializing in the fine arts, with particular attention to modern and contemporary art. Martini’s Art Studio also offers a series of services, such as private transactions, the evaluation of collections or single works, storage and pubblication, consultation pre and post buying and selling, etc.