POTATOMIKE is dedicated to strengthening the relationships that connect artistic communities globally. Technology has provided fantastic opportunities for artists to connect with new audiences all around the world. Technology can also have the side-effect of diluting exclusivity through impersonal and irrelevant communication. Like the old adage goes, If you want something done right, do it yourself, and that’s why we developed POTATOMIKE FOCUS: a new way for art galleries around the world to gain global exposure within the cultures and communities most relevant to them. We understand that galleries are more than just agencies; they provide the service of pairing the buyer and the artwork in a relationship that is intensely personal. To that end, we provide clear, concise engagement with the right audience. We’ve partnered with our sister company, boutique brand strategy firm, Territory Brands, whose industry influence and global reach has elevated POTAOTMIKE to one of the best-known, most-respected online art markets in the two short years we’ve been around.

What will POTATOMIKE FOCUS do for my gallery?

POTATOMIKE FOCUS will ensure that your gallery is seen by the right eyes in virtually every relevant market around the world, while maintaining its exclusivity. We do this through a carefully orchestrated digital strategy comprising targeted emails, social media campaigns, and regular features on the POTATOMIKE website. This includes a select, yet diverse group of leading contemporary art buyers, dealers, and culturally important emerging artists. Almost instantly your social media footprint will both expand and deepen, giving your gallery the prominence it deserves within the global art community.

How do I get in on POTATOMIKE FOCUS?

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