Julia Beliaeva

Julia Beliaeva is an Ukrainian photographer, born in 1988. She lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine.


We live in an era of globalization and of surcharge of information. Environmental crisis with its consequences on soul is there. Nevertheless, the Man remains this being who wonders about ideas concerning Eternal and Beauty. My artistic work has as for object to question these themes under a documentary or intimate form and through different mediums.

“ With the help of pure photography, we are able to make portraits that show their subjects absolutly truthfully and in their whole psychology … I hope to give a true psychology on our time and our people ”, August Sander, 1925. Every photographic portrait pursues a balance between the psychological interest of person and the sociological interest he represents. Making a portrait is always a complex decision because the resulting image contributes to determine how you are perceived. With these two last thoughts and with the creation of these collaborative and interactive relationships between the photographed and the photographer, this is where I place my approach to portrait photography.



The Twins