Linden Eller                                                                                                                                               
Born in 1984, Linden spent her youth in the urban Sonoran desert of Phoenix, Arizona before moving to Southern California to obtain her BA in Studio Art. She’s since lived and worked out of New England, Europe, India, Australia, Samoa and currently New Zealand. 

This primary interest in place and self-archival attracted her to the collage medium. Using a combination of found fragments and personal elements, she composes floating abstract shapes sewn together with thread on paper.  Her work centers around themes of memory, its process, and the layers of small alterations which happen each time something is recollected.  She also aims to communicate the melancholy in unresolved matters, like her brother’s autism, or natural losses.  Choosing a distinctly pale colour palette together with the use of tracing paper, her pieces attempt to replicate the quiet hazy environment from which a memory is recalled.  Blending autobiographical narratives with larger collective subjects such as childhood, longing, and home, Linden thinks of her collages as field recordings from the mind.   

Linden's work has been mentioned in Frankie Magazine online, and been included in numerous publications such as Thistle Magazine, Art Ascent, and Lynda Hallinan's book Jam Sessions.  She recently completed a two month residency at the Tiapapata Art Centre in Samoa where she produced a solo exhibition about island nostalgia entitled Sleep/Swim. 



Moon no. 2
Moon no. 3