Manika Post

Cutting and assembling life experiences from different places, Manika Post interprets existence itself as a collage. Peruvian born, formaly trained in Buenos Aires, multidisciplinary contemporary artist Manika Post now resides in Barcelona. Aware of the force unique to the freedom of movement and cultural dynamism, Post’s blood merges the diversity of her origins: Argentinian, Italian, Lebanese, and Canarian.

Using stunning and striking colors, her female spirit, surreal, energetic, intimate, and original flows in all of her work, she realizes the beauty of her personality. Her work is not a mere aesthetic attitude, but rather an essential conceptual component.

Manika Post takes on the world of fashion, among others, by addressing its visual appeal and its value as a social phenomenon, which it complements providing new perspectives. The constant use of contemporary magazines seals her longing to represent our time. 


Black Opium