Galerie Gourvennec Ogor
7 rue Duverger, 3002 Marseille. France/ 339.8145.2380

Galerie Gourvennec-Ogor is presenting a collective exhibition bringing together artists from different generations. The Gourvennec Ogor Gallery aims to be part of the local, national and international art of contemporary art, in a particularly dynamic context and in synergy with Marseille-Provence 2013, European Capital of Culture. Open: Tue - Sat, 10am - 7pm.



SEIZE Galerie
16 rue de fontanges, 13006 Marseille, France/ 3349.1336.102/

Old cold room and sewing room, the number sixteen of the street Fontange arises today as the new Marseille crucible of contemporary art, located in the heart of the very artistic neighborhood of Notre-Dame-du-Mont. At the origin of the project, eight enthusiasts, eight prominent personalities and as many special sensitivities have as common trait the desire to inscribe their works and their city in a modern and futuristic dynamic. Coupled with Seize, an art gallery and a cornershop will offer both amateurs and professionals a precise and objective overview of the possibilities of modern graphic design. Open: Mon-Fri, 2pm-7pm & by appointment.


Galerie Anna-Tschopp
197, rue Paradis, 13006 Marseille, France/ 3349.1377.067 /

The Anna-Tschopp Gallery was created by collectors for collectors. Being settled in Marseille means French but with a very strong propensity to turn to the Mediterranean. All the Mediterranean, from Gilbraltar to Tangier. Open: Thusday, Friday, Saturday, 11:00am-7pm & every day by appointment.


Galerie Detaille
5/7 rue Marius Jauffret,Marseille, France/ 3349.1534.346/

The Art Gallery and its workshop, specialized in photography, the presence of a fund and a specialized photo library on Marseille / Provence. With the opening in Marseille of a photo gallery, Hélène Detaille exhibits and disseminates the work of authors already famous or less known who strive to give a realistic or poetic image of the world that surrounds them, without excluding research the more contemporary photographic art.


The American Gallery of Contemporary Art
54 Rue des Flots Bleus, 13007 Marseille, France/ 3362.7282.860/

The American Gallery began to organize contemporary art exhibitions in 2010 with a clear direction: to publicize art that is not just any one who asks questions regarding the terms of a vanguard in the field of art, not only to Marseilles but also to Americans and Anglo-Saxons living in the southeast of France. By making a bridge between the Marseilles and American communities and artists, it promotes not only a cultural exchange, but also contemporary art in Marseille. Open: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 2pm-7pm & by appointment.


Backside Gallery
88 Rue de l'Évêché, 13002 Marseille, France/ 3349.1017.361/

Passing the gate of Backside Gallery is entering immersion in the intimate universe of Street Art. Backside Gallery offers throughout the year a selection of exhibitions by influential French and international artists, referents and unavoidable in the universe of graffiti and street art in general. A reference gallery in the field of urban art, avant-garde and ambitious, its goal is to promote this contemporary artistic movement and pay homage to it through an original, exclusive and rare programming. Open: Wed-Sat, 2pm-7pm.