Martin Gerstenberger

I work according to the principle: everything is allowed. This has been known to say Kandinsky and meant the liberation of rules, of style rules. 
Above all, I am referring to the basical idea of what is referred to as Outsider Art and try to follow this creative group engaged in art as an inner
catharsis, freed from what is "in" or would be expected. This applies to aesthetic considerations as well as art theory demands. Material, whether for
the construction of objects or to paint a canvas, as well as a sheet of paper, is ultimately used to capture hallucinatory arisen images. Triggers for these are certainly experiences and impressions of the surrounding world, but digested and confronted with the inner (yet) unknown human consciousness processes, they provide mental snapshots, which may stand alone as a result to be decrypted without deep psychological need. Rather fascinating for me is the use of the hidden game of neurological processes that can be fixed with the material oft the real world. So it is more a cryptic dialogue between the inner voices and the material. 

Surrealism, Pop Art, Street Art, Abstract Painting and Naive Painting often become a style cocktail. The assembly is the dominant principle of composition. Creation as a form of transformation and re- contextualization of recycled material for the best possible picture of the inner chaos.

There are also quotations of art history as well as of magazines. These references are not real quotes, but are borrowed props for the piece to be shown. In an ever riddling and technical world at some point the processes that lead to the emergence of the self might be decoded, so theremight not bemuch time left to create while using the power of the subconscious.


Mister Funk
Funky Death