Mary Wagner

I make machines to help me make drawings… gears moving inside gears help guide my pen. My drawing process is fluid, and the individual curves are deceptively simple but the drawings warm and complicate through repetition. Patterns pile on top of each other becoming value shifts and texture, dimension and movement. Sometimes the motion of the pen becomes less about any definite path and more about the disappearance of paper.

Math is pervasive throughout my drawing practice. My tools are specifically designed to draw a particular type of geometric figure on a euclidean plane. There’s a mathematical formula to describe these lines. At the same time, who gives a damn about the math, I want my art to appeal to a broad spectrum of viewers. At the very least I’d like the viewer to enjoy a sense of optical pleasure. The illusion of lines.The abstraction of some other kind of abstraction. Beyond that, you are also welcome to follow me into the contemplation of physics, hallucination, space-time, trance, homogeneity vs. anomaly, baroque art, fuzzy logic, and mesmerism.


Spectre 1
Spectre 2
Black Hole