Monika Horčicová

Monika Horčicová (1988) was born in Prague and currently resides in Brno. She graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Brno University of Technology , Department of Figurative Sculpture. She has held several solo exhibitions throughout the Czech Republic and has been part of many group exhibitions throughout the world, including New York, Paris, Switzerland and London.

Czech artist Monika Horčicová creates complex sculptures using 3D printing technology and polyester resin. The conceptual skeletal structures seem amazingly real, as if these mechanisms would actually have a functional purpose. What is most striking, in this regard, is the anatomical precision of a totally new and harmonious human-like form. Some of the works are also very dynamic and the repetitive cycles that they are based on give the impression of a wheel, for example, in a surreal interpretation of a once familiar object.

The themes approached by the artist are a metaphor for death and life, a reflection on mortality and perhaps immortality, resulting from an unceasing interest in the human body and its multiple possibilities of representation.