Galeria Del Paseo
Ruta 10 Km. 164, Manantiales, Uruguay 20002 / +598 42 775 860 /
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The Paseo Gallery was founded in May of 1998 in the city of Montevideo, in 2004 it is installed in Manantiales (Punta del Este) and in 2015 opens a new space in Miraflores (Lima-Peru). Since then, it has developed a program of exhibitions focused on the promotion of Uruguayan, Peruvian and Latin American artists, in the line of contemporary creation. Participates in international fairs and has held exhibitions in several countries in Latin America and the USA.


Ciudadela Galería de Arte
Sarandí 699, 11000 Montevideo, Departamento de Montevideo, Uruguay/ 598 2915 3238/

The trust and the prestigious recognition of the artistic environment obtained by a conduct of absolute responsibility, essential in the management of works of art, form the main traces of the character of the Gallery, offering the visitor an absolute framework of security, tranquility and enjoyment, To confront the works of consecrated and emerging artists


La Marquería & Galeria Diana Saravia
Carlos Quijano 1288 bis., 11100 Montevideo, Uruguay/ 598 2901 8401

The works of art are a presence that makes more pleasing the areas where the man develops his chores and his life in general.
Contemplating the artistic productions and their possible acquisition has already become a custom for the Uruguayan public. Neither economic crises nor financial crises have been able to undermine our efforts, proving that art remains an excellent refuge for the spirit and also for investments.


Xippas Galleries
Bartolomé Mitre 1395, 11000 Montevideo, Uruguay/ 598 2915 5013/

In Montevideo, the gallery is located at the Patrimonial building of the antique Hotel Colón. Typical example of the late 19th century architecture, the basement of the building has been entirely renovated and transformed into a white cube. A 200 m2 area divided in two spaces hosts solo shows as well as group exhibitions.


Cabildo Galería de Arte

Latin American painting, European, objects of art, antiques, furniture, glassware, collectibles