Art Europe Auctions
Loods 6, KNSM-Laan 143 1019 LB, Amsterdam, The Netherlands/ 3107.0737.0697/

Art Europe combines live and online auctions. Art Europe Auctions connects the worlds of art with curated sales for discerning collectors and art lovers. Opening Hours: monday/friday 9 am-5 30 pm.

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Arts & Antiques Group (AAG)
Lekstraat 63, 1079 EM Amsterdam, The Netherlands/ 3102.0301.2950/

AAG is based in Amsterdam, the centre of the Netherlands’ art and antiques business and the focal point for the international art trade and many leading international auction houses. AAG continues to enjoy a special relationship with The Hague. This is due in part to the fact that AAG was founded in this city and held its sales here for many years. There are also close ties with the Indonesian community of The Hague, Indonesian art being one of AAG’s noted specialities. For several years, AAG has organized successful auctions of Indonesian and Indo-European art in Jakarta and Singapore.


Christie's Amsterdam
Cornelis Schuytstraat 57, Amsterdam, 1071 JG The Netherlands/ 310.205.755.255/

Located in Amsterdam-Zuid, the cultural heart of the city, Christie's offices and saleroom are housed in a building that exemplifies the Amsterdam style of the 1920s. Christie’s opened its saleroom in 1973 in Amsterdam.In 1986, Christie's Amsterdam sold the world-famous Nanking Cargo. The trove of more than 150,000 pieces of 18th century Chinese porcelain and gold ingots fetched for more than 17 million euro’s – still a record for any auction conducted in the Netherlands. Today, Christie's Amsterdam is the foremost Northern European saleroom for Old Masters, 19th Century Art including Dutch Impressionists, Modern Art and Post-War and Contemporary Art.


Bubb Kuyper Veilingen
Kenaupark 30, 2011 Haarlem KM, The Netherlands/ 3123.5323.986/

The largest specialized auctioneer of books and works on paper of the Netherlands, and one of the foremost companies in these fields in Western Europe.