Kieselbach Auctions
Szent István körút 5, 1055 Budapest, Hungary/ 3601.269.3148/

It is since the 1980s that Mr Kieselbach has been engaged in the art trade. Having obtained a degree both in art history and art management, it took him less than a decade to create and publish in book format the major Hungarian private art collection of the epoch.


Nagyházi Galéria és Aukciósház
Balaton utca 8 1055 Budapest Hungary/ 36.01.475.6000/

Since the first auction Nagyházi Galéri has followed a well-proven business strategy. All fields of art are dealt with. Ten to twenty auctions are organized each year presented by representative and illustrated catalogues. The auctions are led by Marietta Soóky, one of the most professional auctioneers in Hungary.