Rua do Arco a S. Mamede, 11, 1250-026, Lisboa, Portugal/ 351.210.134.434/

The Aqueduto auctioneer was founded in 2007 and is dedicated to the evaluation of works of art, painting... In addition to the sale of art collections and antiques, jewelery and also house fillings or individual pieces, always proceded by a free "Informal Evaluation", Aqueduto conducts "Formal Evaluations" with different purposes - insurance, sharing, among others, and also advice and referral of conservation and restauration.

Galerie de Arte AFK

Cabral Moncada Leilões
Rua Miguel Lupi, 12 - D, Lisboa, 1200-725,

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in downtown Lisbon, CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES is a company that specializes in Antiques and Works of Art and Modern and Contemporary Art, developing its activities in four main and complementary areas:Auctions, Valuation, Expertise, Consulting. Managed by its partners Miguel Cabral de Moncada and Pedro Maria de Alvim, the CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES leads annually, as part of its activity, seven auctions of general nature, antiques and works of art, and three modern and contemporary art usually between October and June inclusive.

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Marques dos Santos
Rua Santos Pousada 1281, Porto, 4000 - 490 Portugal/ 225.026.308/

Created in 2008 Marques dos Santos Auction House is an auction company in Port specialized in Art and Antiques performing generalist and specialty themed auctions. It also provides expert opinions both formal and informal with a view to auction items on a consignment basis.