Roberto Voorbij

Roberto Voorbij is a Dutch multi-disciplinary artist who studied at the Utrecht School of the Arts and at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His works range from print making to photography and video. Consumerism, (national) identity and public space are recurrent themes within the artists’ works. What highly fascinates him about this is the underlying history, politics and marketing strategy of our seemingly neutral environment.

His ongoing series ‘Artist Portraits’, originally commissioned by ARTISTS NOT ARMIES, deals with themes of both personal and group identity in a visual arts context. Although all of the portraits have been designed according to the same concept – Voorbij replaces the face of each artist with an artwork by the same artist — these digital collages all go beyond the sum of artist and artwork.

Voorbij’s designer sick bags highlight the plight of anorexia in the fashion industry.

His work has been featured in many global publications, and has been exhibited at many different galleries and museums throughout the world including Leontia Gallery - London, The Municipal Museum -The Hague, SEZ - Berlin, the ’9streetsRED' festival - Amsterdam, ‘The Art Fabric’ - São Paulo.