Barrio Amón, de la entrada principal del TEC/ (506) 2256-6346/

Talentum is a restaurant and art gallery in the heart of San José.



Teor Etica

Calle 7 avenida 11 Casa #953, Barrio Amón, San José, Costa Rica/ (506) 2221.1051/
 Mon,Tues,Thur 9am -5pm /Wed 9am - 6pm /Fr 9am - 12pm / Sat 10 am - 4pm


TEOR / ÉTICA is a platform for the consolidation of critical artistic and curatorial practices and thoughts with an international program of exhibitions, publishing projects, seminars and residencies. TEOR / ÉTICA proposes new grammars for the exhibition of contemporary art in order to build a national, regional and international audience with a look and discussion directed at the global realities thought out of positions and emergencies in Central America and the Caribbean.