Sarah Koehler

Sarah Koehler has a background in fine art, having earned her bachelor's at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. A midwest native, she currently resides in Astoria, New York where you can find her strolling local parks, eating Greek truck food and nuzzling her succulent plant children.

 Her practice focuses on a re-interpretation of painting and drawing traditions and references a wide range of sources, incorporating biblical narratives, natural history, home video and photography, contemporary music and film, her Leni Lenape heritage, and varying literary sources. Employing new evaluations of automatic drawing and personal record Koehler investigates humanity’s interface with the shifting nature of recollection and the divine unknown.

 Her paintings linger in between time and dance around paradoxes; they are neither abstract nor figurative, here nor there, child or adult.They're sitting between the known and the unknown, depthless and endless, sad and happy, scary and shy, loud and quiet, human and flawed, haunting and ethereal, ecstatic and calm. They reveal themselves or don’t reveal anything right away at all. They’re on the surface and they’re deep pools to submerge oneself completely in their worlds. They’re enigmatic yet clear. They are powerful, yet helpless. They contain all these paradoxical qualities, begging you to sit with them, to bend your ear so they can whisper or shout their story, ideas, dreams, and aesthetic rather than the other way around. If you look closely, you’ll begin to see the things they scribble in the margins. If you listen closely, you’ll hear their sweet belly laughter in whispers.