Galerija 11/07/95
Trg fra Grge Martića 2/III, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina/ 3873.3953.170/

Gallery 11/07/95 is the first memorial gallery in Bosnia and Herzegovina – an exhibition space aiming to preserve the memory of the Srebrenica tragedy and the 8372 persons who perished in the massacres. The permanent exhibition provides documentary scenes of what was left of Srebrenica in the wake of this genocide.


Duplex 100m2
Obala Kulina Bana 22, first floor. 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina/ 3876.6488.832/

Duplex10m2 has been situated on a new address in the city-center of Sarajevo since July 2012 and has since then emerged into Duplex100m2. The gallery’s new address is Obala Kulina Bana 22. The new space is an apartment of 100m2 built in the Austrian-Hungarian style with a view on the Miljacka River, devoted to contemporary art. It is separated into two parts. The first part, the “living room”, kept its domestic character, while at the same time serving as an office, a space for meetings and discussions, and a show room for the presentation of artistic works. The second part of the apartment is dedicated to exhibitions: two standard white cube exhibition spaces.


Isfahan Gallery
Sarači 77, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina/ 3873.3237.429/

Founded on 6 May 1999. Isfahan Gallery is a specialized gallery located in the Southeastern Europe that offers a wide range of carpets and nomadic handicrafts from various parts of Iran, Turkey and India. Open: daily, 9 am - 11:45 pm.


Blackbox art&print Sarajevo
Vrazova br. 5, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina/ 3873.3203.646/

Blackbox is open for cooperation with all the creative people in the field of photography, digital art, art posters. illustrations itd. On this place Blackbox presents authors , and their works For most work is possible to choose the type of production / printing, and a format for each purchased work the customer receives Certificate of Authenticity work is verified by the author and Blackbox gallery. Open: Mon-Fri, 10 am - 6 pm; Sat, 9 am - 2 pm.


Gallery "Novi Hram"
Mula Mustafe Bašeskije 38, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina/ 3873.3233.280/

Sarajevo is a home to the very active Art Gallery Novi Hram, which is situated in the building of the old Sephardic synagogue, and operated by the Jewish cultural and educational society and charity La Benevolencija. The Gallery has been working actively for a decade already, organizing events that depict gallery aspirations and desire to lead a life enriched with cultural events, related to art in the first place, and endeavoring to play a significant role in and contribute to, the cultural milieu of Sarajevo.