SeanFuckingGammon is a strange artist from Windsor, Ontario Canada.  Sean made his first collage for an art show with his friends around 1999.  Not very many people came to that show during a Canadian blizzard.  But a local cartoonist did and he complimented Sean on his collage, and told him to “keep making art”.  Sean promptly ignored him for more than a decade, instead dabbling in a variety of different mediums without success or satisfaction.  Every now and then, Sean would make a collage but it took until around 2010 before Sean started taking collage seriously.  Since then Sean has been in dozens of art shows locally and internationally, including the world’s largest skateboard art show, been recognized in publications like Catapult Art Magazine and Gorgeous Freaks, been featured on websites like Milk.Blitz.Street.Bomb. and Obsolete Skateboards.