Silvana Abram

Welcome to my PotatoMike art page !
I am an Italian visual artist and here we propose to you a selection of glass works.  

How these works are born?

During the Glass fusing course I attended in April 2014 at Abate Zanetti Glass School of Murano and following my ecologic vision, I invented and developed an idea and a way to recycle the original Murano glass, to create new sculptures.

In particular, the idea was born during an afternoon in the Murano Island. After the lesson, I was relaxing lying down on a bench and saw a mountain of waste glass of a famous glassmaking company.

It was sunset and the lights of Laguna made glitter the glasses with all kind of colors and transparencies, so I was enchanted. From my horizontal position I could enjoy that kaleidoscopic show so much that I thought "what a pity to throw away all this beauty!". This experience pushed me to try a way to restore the beauty of the shape and of the integrity of those pieces that would otherwise be lost.

According to my projects, I picked out and bought pieces of original Murano glass created in furnace and discarted during the incredibile and priceless making process by the Murano Master Glassblower Giancarlo Signoretto and his Team. Then I assembled these pieces and refunded them by the glass fusing mode, in Abate Zanetti School’s laboratory: every time I opened the kiln door, I was deeply moved and wondered, like Alice in Wonderland. I named these sculptures "Scraps of original Murano glass" and this way to empathize with recycled glass "Poor art of luxury". Still in Spring 2014, some pieces of "Scraps" were been sketched in the "Manifest of Poor art of luxury". 

This is the story.
Now, I like to work by making interact some of these glass sculptures with other recycled, restored and reinvented materials: to search new approches between tradition and design and fresh forms among different, discarted subjects - giving them a new life.

Why this attitude? 
To search for expressive alternatives of the artistic language, creating a context of justice and beauty through art. Where justice is beauty, as in the ancient Greek vision. 



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