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Universidad de La Plata-Facultad de Bellas Artes
Diagonal 78 620, Casco Urbano, B1904BTB La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ 5422.1423.6598/

The Faculty of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata has its origin in the creation of the Academy of Drawing in the Museum of Natural Sciences in 1905. In 1924 resulted in the creation of the College of Fine Arts on the basis Of that Academy and began the construction of the building in the lot that the University had in front of Plaza Rocha (now Headquarters). Today, the FBA has an approximate enrollment of 17,000 students; 1300 teachers; 350 researchers; An Editorial that publishes texts with international reference; 7 Departments; 30 Degree and Master Degree degrees in different disciplines and an offer of various Postgraduate Courses.



UADE-Facultad de Comunicación y Diseño
Lima 775, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ 0800.122.8233/

In the Faculty of Communication and Design UADE has developed an intense and creative academic life through various activities, such as seminars, exhibitions, exhibitions, workshops, internal competitions, visits to companies, media and institutions. In addition, teachers and students of the faculty have modern Radio and Television Studies, laboratories and advanced tools for teaching and learning the communication and design professions. It also highlights the library that, with more than fifty thousand volumes and specialized magazines abroad, offers an important space for research and further studies.



Universidad de Moron, Facultad de Arquitectura,Diseno, Arte y Urbanismo

Cabildo 134, Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ 5411.5627.2000/

The University of Morón is a privately run educational institution that since 1960 has been dedicated to teaching at the higher level. At present it has 26,000 m² of educational infrastructure, 6,000 m² for laboratories and the modern facilities of its Library. For its classrooms passed more than 51,000 professionals who graduated from one of the 10 Faculties and the High School that comprise it, with careers that cover all areas of knowledge. It carries out a strong commitment with the community granting assistance and merit scholarships.


UNICEN-Departamento de Arte
9 de Julio 430, Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ 5424.9444.0631/

The Faculty of Art of the National University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires , has as fundamental task to train integral professionals in the artistic field through an educational proposal with a critical spirit and citizen commitment. In his degree studies he offers three careers: Lecturer and Degree in Theater , Integral Director in Audiovisual Arts ; And an offer of postgraduate composed by the Masters in Theater with mention in Scenic Direction, Scenic Design and Performance. In this way the Faculty of Art attends to the artistic and cultural needs of its region of influence. The Faculty of Art currently has a staff of teachers and researchers from a large majority of the same institution; For this, the pursuit of excellence has been a constant during its two decades of existence. Teachers have taken courses and postgraduate seminars in prestigious universities in Spain, France, Mexico, England, Cuba and Chile, in a permanent exchange that allows the linkage and academic growth of the group.


Universidad de Palermo-Facultad de Ciencias sociales-Departamento de Arte

Av. Córdoba 3501, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ 5411.4964.4600/

Study art in UP-Its modern and up-to-date curriculum offers training in critique, art market, organization and cultural management and gives a broad vision of the Social Sciences. It provides solid knowledge on the evolution of human artistic expressions from their origins to the present, with emphasis on their contemporary manifestations and on Latin American and Argentine art in particular. The curriculum allows to select electives to access another professional field such as: Design, Tourism, Marketing, Journalism, etc.


Escuela Museo de Bellas Artes 'General Urquiza'

Yerbal 2370, C1406GKB CABA, Argentina/ 5411.4612.0566/

The Museum of Fine Arts General Urquiza - the oldest in the Federal Capital - was founded in 1818 and its current building dates back to 1895. The same, with its century-old architecture, is the seat of predatory service entities in the neighborhood Of San José de Flores. But it was not until November 16, 1963 that the School became, moreover, an Art Museum, thus displaying a cultural baggage, which would naturally be integrated into the neighborhood. The initiative came from Don Carlos Sprovieri (first Honorary Director) and Professor Cayetano Sciarrillo (then Director of the School). Both began the magnificent task, counting, as pillars for its creation, with the illustrious collaboration of the Master Benito Quinquela Martín, and the indispensable support of the Cooperating Association, the Club of Mothers, the teachers and the educational authorities.


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Universidad Nacional de las Artes
Azcuénaga 1129, C1115AAG CABA, Argentina/ 5411.5777.1300/

The National University of the Arts , in Spanish: UNA - Universidad Nacional de las Artes, formerly known as IUNA - Instituto Universitario Nacional de las Artes, is an Argentine university established in 1996 as an incorporation of various national institutions dedicated to the teaching of fine arts. The origins of the current UNA University lay in the 1875 founding of the National Society of the Stimulus of the Arts by painters Eduardo Schiaffino, Eduardo Sívori, and others. Their guild was rechartered as the National Academy of Fine Arts in 1905 and, in 1923, on the initiative of painter and academic Ernesto de la Cárcova, as a department in the University of Buenos Aires, the Superior Art School of the Nation. These institutions, as well as the Carlos López Buchardo National Conservatory of Music, the National Institute of Superior Education and Folklore, the María Ruanova National Institute of Superior Education and Dance, and other National Institutes of Liberal Arts Education, all united formed the new National University of the Arts issued in 1996 by Argentina's Ministry of Education.


Escuela de Dibujo Garaycochea
Av. Santa Fe 1480, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ 5411.4815.5063/

From its beginnings, back in 1982, the School intends to provide those who come with the necessary tools to enhance their knowledge and artistic skills , helping them to develop in the sometimes difficult but always rewarding world of drawing. The student who enrolls in the course of his preference will find a team of renowned professors who, within a cordial field of learning, will put at their disposal all their knowledge and experience, working based on exercise programs and techniques that will increase in Complexity as the year progresses. Our courses are oriented to the different branches of the drawing: the cartoon, the graphic humor, the cartoon, the plastic, the caricature and the drawing for children. The School, in addition publishes, A free magazine in which selected works of each specialty are exhibited, along with news and articles of artistic interest. On the other hand, diverse and outstanding professionals come regularly to our classrooms to share interesting talks with the students.


Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina
Avenida Alicia Moreau de Justo 1500, C1107AFB CABA, Argentina/ 5481.0333.4647/

The Pavilion of the Fine Arts of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina is an area of rt and culture multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and open. The fundamental mission is to establish an area for the knowledge and diffusion of the fine arts in line with the UCA's purposes of promoting the search for Goodness, Truth and Beauty. Free admission to the community is at the same time an art pavilion and a creative center where plastic arts are close to research, history, science, literature, music, cinema, Books, communication, advertising, journalism, student youth and the vanguard, favoring the expression of new artistic forms and conceptions. The Pavilion's vocation is plural: to hold art exhibitions, but also to educate, Stimulate dialogue, debate, publish. With a simple structure, functional and aesthetic, its facade translucent with its windows to the dam in Puerto Madero, is attentive to permanent challenges.

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Universidad de San Andres-Taller de Arte

Vito Dumas 284, Victoria, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ 5411.4725.7000/

The University of San Andrés is an academic community committed to the search for truth and contributing to the progress of Argentina and the well-being of its inhabitants. It adheres to the social and moral values equeathed by its founders and strives to transmit established knowledge, create new knowledge, promote education in general and strengthen institutions. It aims to put the education that provides to people with intellectual skills, vocation of service and dedication to study, beyond their economic resources.


Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Av. Haya de la Torre s/n, Córdoba, Argentina/ 5435.1535.3778/

The National University of Córdoba ( Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, UN), founded in 1613, is the oldest university in Argentina, the fourth oldest in South America and the sixth oldest in Latin America. It is located in Córdoba, the capital of Córdoba Province. Since the early 20th century it has been the second largest university in the country ( after the University of Buenos Aires ) in terms of the number of students, faculty, and academic programs. As the location of the first university founded in the land that is now Argentina, Córdoba has earned the nickname La Docta (roughly translated, "The Wise").


Universidad de Buenos Aires

Cordoba 430, 1053 Buenos Aires, Argentina/ 5411.4510.1100/

The University of Buenos Aires is the most important institution of higher education of the Argentine Republic. Given its magnitude, its trajectory and prestige, it is at the head of the national university system and in reference in matters of training, research and extension of excellence. With its 321,970 students, 28,943 teachers and 12,109 non-teaching, auxiliary and service workers S; The UBA has a very important academic, cultural and extension production that transforms the University into an active and important generator of contents in all the disciplines and thematic areas.


Centro de Estudios de Arquitectura Contemporánea
Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 7350, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ 5411.5169.7300/

The Center for Studies in Contemporary Architecture (CEAC) is the organ that supports and expands the educational program of the School of Architecture and Urban Studies (EAEU) of the University Torcuato Di Tella through its program of public activities, university extension and training Specialized. Its mission is to contribute to the construction of a progressive culture of Architecture, Urbanism and its related areas of knowledge through constant interrogation of the state of art in the history, theory and practice of the nucleated disciplines in the School. The Center seeks to establish itself as an apparatus of survey and recruitment as well as proliferation and intensification of our discipline. Each year, the Center offers a program of extracurricular activities that take the form of courses, exchanges, seminars, conferences, workshops, symposia, round tables, debates, exhibitions and publications. 



Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Bv. Pellegrini 2750, S3000 Santa Fe, Argentina/ 5434.2457.1110/

The National University of the Littoral ( Universidad Nacional del Litoral, UNL ) is a university in Argentina. It is based in Santa Fe, the capital of the province of the same name, and it has colleges and other academic facilities in Esperanza, Reconquista and Gálvez, also in Santa Fe Province.


Universidad Nacional de Misiones

Ruta 12 Km 7,5, Posadas, Misiónes, Argentina/ 5437.6448.0200/

In 1961 , the School of Ceramics and Drawing was founded in Oberá, which later became known as the School of Fine Arts . In 1965, it changed its name to that of Instituto Superior del profesorado en Disciplinas Aesthetics, which lacked its own headquarters and operated successively in places such as School 185, in Chaco Street, in the fire station, the subsoil of the Mail and others. In 1973 he joins the UNAM. In 1984 he moved to Rauch and Carhué's own building and on May 10, 1985, he created the Faculty of Arts, which in 2014 changed its name to Faculty of Art and Design .


Taller Escuela La Imagen

Paraná 140, C1017AAD CABA, Argentina/ 5411.4381.7542/

Since 1990, when it began its activities, the School has been increasing its educational spectrum, until it has reached the present time ten subjects, all of them with a high level of educational excellence, transmitting to students a wide range of knowledge about The different aspects involved in photography. Its founder and current director is Daniel García, of recognized trajectory in the middle. Originally trained in the Exact Sciences career, he has been exclusively dedicated to photography for 30 years. Lecturer since 1984, he combines this activity with lectures, mainly on the history of photography, composition and photographic aesthetics, in institutions such as the National University of Quilmes, Borges Cultural Center and the University Federation of Buenos Aires, among others. He curates photographic samples for various galleries, such as the University of Salvador. He publishes articles on his specialty in important photographic media, such as Fotomundo magazine, among others.


Facultad De Arquitectura, Urbanismo y Diseno

Rivadavia, San Juan Province, Argentina/ 5402.644.232.395/

Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Design, name that at present maintains. Five years later, the Graphic Design Career was created, consolidating the orientation towards design and design. In this contemporary space of history, particularly in the last years, the Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Design initiates a series of innovative actions; Installing a series of expected changes. The FAUD obtained the accreditation of the Career Architecture and Urbanism before the National Commission of Evaluation and University Accreditation CONEAU, as well as before the ARCUSUR, System of Regional Accreditation of University Careers for the MERCOSUR. A system of student scholarships has been consolidated, the library of our institution has been improved and the computer equipment has been optimized, aiming to achieve equal academic-pedagogical opportunities for the students of our faculty.


Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales

Lima 319, CP C1073AAG, Caba – Argentina/ 5411.4379.0900/

The National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts is a non-state public entity that works within the scope of the Ministry of Culture of the Nation. Its main function is to promote, encourage, strengthen and regulate audiovisual production in Argentine territory, and abroad as far as national cinematography is concerned; As well as ensuring public access in each region of the country. One of its main tasks is the administration of the Cinematographic Promotion Fund, whose main function is the promotion of Argentine cinematography through the granting of credits, subsidies and in the application of the rest of the tools that for this purpose are established in the current legislation .

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Universidad de Flores

Pedernera 275 (Capital Federal.), Buenos Aires, Argentina/ 5411.4610.9300/

The University of Flores promotes the continuous improvement of the Community Quality of Life, understood as the transdisciplinary space in which health, society and the environment converge. To this end, UFLO supports a humanistic profile of freedom of thought, which integrates scientific and technological advances with the community, within a framework of innovation in which the functions of: Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education; Research in priority areas, aimed at solving community needs; University Extension in the spaces of culture, sports, recreation, continuous training and transfer. The Mission of the University of Flores is a set of values hat guide its institutional development. These values hape your profile, as well as give you identity of purpose and integrity of policies and actions. 


Instituto Superior de Fotografía LUX CAPERE

Sarmiento 1452, 3080EAD Esperanza, Santa Fe, Argentina/ 5434.9642.5652/

In Lux Capere we have an experience of more than 14 years teaching photography at a level of excellence, so that the students graduate as competent professionals and of great prestige. Our main objective is to train professionals who can work in the different areas of photography (social events, fashion, advertising, photo-journalism, etc), starting from a general understanding of technical, aesthetic and communicational , To the specialization that, under the guidance and guidance of the teachers, choose.


Fotodesign - Escuela de Fotografia Publicitaria y de Moda - Buenos Aires

Av. Santa Fe 2268 3p, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ 5411.4822.4158/

Publicity and Fashion Photography has a decisive influence on the visual culture of our time, reflecting more than ever the values and ideals of society, a domain that once belonged exclusively to the traditional arts. The planetary dimension of the image as a human communication channel imposes on the current photographer the need to permanently review both the technical resources with which it counts, as well as the communicational codes with which it is expressed. The term fotodesign translates this new requirement of transforming photographic work into an act of design, attentive to all the technical, aesthetic and conceptual aspects that intervene in the visual formation of an advertising message.


Universidad Nacional de San Martín

Matheu 3910, B1650CSP Gran Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ 5411.4006.1500/

The National University of General San Martín (Spanish: Universidad Nacional de General San Martín, UNSAM) is an Argentine public national university principally located in the city of San Martín, Buenos Aires Province. The university was created by national law 24,095 in 1992, after years of law projects and demands for its creation dating back to 1990. The school officially began giving classes in 1994.


Instituto Municipal de Ceramica de Avellaneda

B1872GFF, Av. Bartolomé Mitre 2724, B1872GFS Sarandí, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ 5411.4204.8223/

In the city of Avellaneda there is a vast and important cultural activity promoted by the Artistic Training Institutes under the Direction of Artistic Education and Cultural Extension of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Promotion of the Arts. Our Institute is part of a cultural project with the community, whose characteristic in the operation is the experimental dynamics.


Instituto Universitario Patagónico de las Artes (IUPA)

Rivadavia 2263, 8332 Gral. Roca, Río Negro, Argentina/ 5429.8442.4515/

IUPA is a public management institution. It has five academic departments and dictates careers that cover five artistic disciplines: Visual Arts, Cinema and New Media, Dance, Music, Theater.