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Colegio de Arquitectos de Santa Cruz
Calle Tao esq. Francisco Gutierrez, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia/ 5913.336.3888/

To safeguard the professional practice of architecture with order and efficiency in function of the permanent improvement of the habitat to generate more humane cities with opportunities for all, generating areas of opinion, promotion, diffusion and participation of the collegians towards the community in the subjects that Design of architecture and urbanism, and its consequent execution; Incorporating the participation of historical and emerging social actors, and the articulation that provides consensus and legitimacy to urban architectural transformations and interventions, under a vision of the right to the city.



Universidad Mayor de San Andres

J.J.Perez, La Paz, Bolivia/ 5912.244.1963/

The Higher University of San Andrés (Universidad Mayor de San Andrés or UMSA) is the leading public university in Bolivia, established since 1830 in the city of La Paz. UMSA is the second-oldest university in Bolivia, after the University of San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca (1624). It is one of the most prestigious higher academic centers in the country. As of 2013, UMSA had around 80,434 registered students, making it the university with the largest student body in Bolivia. Several presidents of Bolivia have studied at the university. In 2014, the Webometrics website placed UMSA first among the 49 universities in Bolivia.


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Universidad Real

Calle Capitán Ravelo 2329, La Paz, Bolivia/ 592.244.4423/

Mission: We are an academic community whose mission is to train entrepreneurs, highly competitive and supportive professionals, promoting leaders capable of analyzing, understanding and transforming the reality of their environments, so that, through continuous research, science and technology acquire Knowledge and develop capacities and values hat allow them to face the challenges of the 21st century with discipline, creativity and efficiency. We are a leading educational institution at the national level, which uses technology intensively to support education. We are part of academic networks building the knowledge society at the international level, and we are committed to human, scientific, technological and cultural development at the service of society.


Escuela Superior de Ciencia y Arte (ESCA)

Av. Ayacucho 471 Esq. Calama, Cochabamba, Bolivia/ 5914.450.4474/

The Higher School of Science and Art (ESCA) with Ministerial Resolution 355/07 was born in 2004, due to the need to provide professionals in areas that combine science and art. Our Institution allows you to awaken your creativity and translate it into quality products and services; We are professional and efficient professionals in Sound, Graphic Design, Audiovisual Production, Multimedia Design, Professional Photography, Systems Analysis, Marketing and Business Administration.


Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Cra 45, Bogotá, Colombia/ 5713.165.000/

The Universidad Nacional de Colombia (English: National University of Colombia), is a public, national, coeducational, research university, located primarily in Bogotá, Medellín, Manizales and Palmira, Colombia. Established in 1867 by an act of the Congress of Colombia,[2] the university is the largest higher education institution of the country with more than 44,000 students, the largest number of graduated professionals per year, and number of academic programmes at undergraduate and graduate levels, with 430 academic programmes, which includes 96 graduate diplomas, 67 Academic specializations, 39 medical specialties, 161 Master's degrees, and 58 doctorates.


Universidad de Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano

Cra. 4, 22-61, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia/ 571.242.7030/

Jorge Tadeo Lozano University is a university in Colombia, with campuses in Bogotá, Cartagena, Santa Marta and Chía. Architecture of the school's buildings includes an auditorium, gallery, postgraduate building and square designed by Colombian architect Daniel Bermúdez.


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Universidad Piloto de Colombia

Cra. 9, 45A-44, Bogotá, Colombia/ 5712.324.122/

The Universidad Piloto de Colombia, is a private, national, coeducational, research university, located primarily in Bogotá, Colombia. It offers academic programs in undergraduate, specializations, masters and doctorates. Its president is Patricia Piedrahíta Castillo. At 1962 a group of architecture students, allegedly from Universidad de América (University of América), manifested their nonconformity with the education and academic formation mechanisms established in the education system of the university. Their nonconformity was because the architectonic models taught in the university were for the European geography and therefore difficult to apply in the geographical structure of Colombia.


Corporación Escuela de Artes y Letras
Carrera 12 #70 - 46, Quinta Camacho, Bogotá, Colombia/ 5715.447.452/

The Corporation School of Arts and Letters was founded, under authorization number 37065 of September 2, 1969 issued by the Ministry of National Education. Its purpose is to contribute to the direct promotion of the arts of color, its commercial and labor applications, within the "intermediate" modality for graduates of the baccalaureate.


Universidad de Antiquia-Facultad de Artes

Calle 67 53-108, Medellin, Colombia/ 5742.198.332/

The Faculty of Arts of the University of Antioquia has consolidated over time, as one of the most important centers of study, extension, conservation and diffusion of the disciplines of the arts, such as: Music, Performing Arts and Visual Arts. The Faculty of Arts has become an important center of artistic production, of which its students, teachers and graduates are academics highly qualified in the artistic field of the country and even in the international concert thanks to its work in the field of creation, Teaching, research, cultural promotion, academic promotion and extension.

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Columbia University of Paraguay

25 De Mayo, Asunción, Paraguay/ 5952.1490.811/

Columbia University of Paraguay is the first university of non-confessional character of Paraguay, created in application of Law 828 of Universities on March 8, 1991. It was constituted on the physical and academic structure of the institution of higher and intermediate education Columbia - MOC founded in 1943. Its constant technical and professional evolution, as well as its persevering and uninterrupted work of formation and more than 200,000 students, allowed it a sustained advance to become the most important Center of Higher Studies of Paraguay.


Universidad del Pacífico Privada (UP)
Avda. San Martín 961 c / Avda. España, Paraguay/ 5952.1615.490/

Mission: We are an Institution of Higher Education oriented towards people who seek to overcome themselves through study and work; To train leaders, valuing the academic excellence, creativity and protagonism of our university community. To be a prestigious University recognized for its quality, competitiveness and leadership that influences the spirit of the people with the purpose of developing changes that benefit the country and the world, through the ethical values, knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to form authentic leaders.


Universidad Nacional de Asunción

San Lorenzo, Paraguay/ 5952.1585.540/

The Universidad Nacional de Asunción or Mbo'ehaovusu Tetãgua Paraguaygua, abbreviated UNA, anglicized as, The National University of Asuncion, is a public university in Paraguay. Founded in 1889, it is the oldest and most traditional university in the country.


UNIBE-Universidad iberoamericana-Facultad de Arte

15 de Agosto esq. Ygatimi, Asunción, Paraguay/ 5952.1446.148/

The Universidad Iberoamericana is the culmination of an educational work that lived step by step the time that corresponded to it and now, in the harvest, it was necessary to open up to the university professional level, already initiated, at the tertiary level, with training teacher. It is worth highlighting the arduous procedures carried out by Prof. Nidia Romero de Sanabria and Dr. Sanie Romero de Velázquez, who carried the flag of the Ibero-American with all pride and placed it in the highest seat in the most representative organisms of our country .



Universidad Americana

Av Brasilia 1100, Asunción, Paraguay/ 5952.1288.8000/

The Universidad Americana (Spanish for American University) is a Paraguayan university, founded in 1994. It has two teaching facilities in Asunción, one in Ciudad del Este and one in Encarnación. It has 4,000 students, and more than 200 professors. It has four colleges: College of Law and Social Sciences; College of Economic Sciences and Administration; College of Communication, Art and Technology; College of Sciences of the Health.


Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

Av. Universitaria 1801, San Miguel, Lima 32, Perú/ 5154.451.426/

Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, PUCP) is a private university in Lima, Peru. It was founded in 1917 by Catholic priest Father Jorge Dintilhac SS.CC as Peru's first non-profit private institution of higher learning. Academically, PUCP ranks alternatively as first or second in Peru. In 1939, the Academy of Catholic Art was founded, with Adolf Winternitz as its director; the university is still one of only a small number to offer an arts major in Perú.


Escuela Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes

Jr. Ancash 681, Lima, Peru/ 5154.272.200/

The National Autonomous Superior School of Fine Arts of Peru has as its mission to promote scientific research, intellectual and artistic creation, and offer quality educational programs that provide the student with opportunities to develop to the maximum, and in a holistic way, their potential as people and As professionals in the field of visual and plastic arts and artistic education, with a deep aesthetic and technical mastery, with a critical and creative capacity that recognizes and values ultural diversity, technological advances and artistic conceptions and achievements of the globalized world. Which contributes to the development of the country.


Escuela Académico Profesional de Arte

Calle Germán Amézaga 375, Lima / 5156.197.000/

The Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences was inaugurated on January 2, 1553, two years after the inauguration of the National University of San Marcos.1946, during the government of Bustamante, Our Faculty becomes independent and recovers its title of Faculty of Letters, name that just modified (1965) adopting the one of Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences.


Corriente Alterna Escuela de Superior de Bellas Artes

Avenida de la Aviacion 500, Distrito de Lima 15074, Peru/ 5112.424.800/

The Escuela de Arte Corriente Alterna offers its students an artistic and intellectual education based on humanistic values nd oriented to interdisciplinary dialogue. Aware of the increasingly important role that artists play in contemporary society, it promotes in its students a critical awareness and an active participation in the challenges of the globalized world.

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Escuela Superior de Arte y Diseño Orval

Av. Primavera 207 Chacarilla, San Borja, Lima, Peru/ 517.192.319/

We decided that if no one bet on our creative careers, we knew that we had to do it ourselves, and we went to Belgium to get the best curricular mesh that would allow us to open the professional career of Interior Architecture, To bring the interior design to another level; And then we add the career of Graphic Arts and Publicitarias, with the same stubbornness that characterizes us to start and finish what we think. Currently, we have more than 25 years of creative professionals and we do not want to be a massive university, we want to remain a specialized university, which connects with its students.


Universidad Ort

Cuareim 1451, 11100 Montevideo, Uruguay/ 598.2902.1505/

Universidad ORT Uruguay is Uruguay's largest private university. It has more than 10,000 students, distributed among five faculties and institutes. Universidad ORT Uruguay was established as a non-profit organization in 1942 and was officially certified as a private university in September 1996, becoming the first private educational institution in the country to achieve that status. It is a member of World ORT, an international education network founded in 1880 by the Jewish community in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Círculo de Bellas Artes

Tabaré 2416, Montevideo, Uruguay/ 598.2710.0622/

The Círculo de Bellas Artes, the pioneer institution in the orientation of vocations for the fine arts, celebrated the 107th anniversary of its fruitful work. It is opportune to emphasize his work maintained at the cost of great sacrifices on the part of this institution, with the most modest cooperation, without permanence and without continuity, of some official subsidy. There are two periods of its long history. A first period, from the foundation in 1905 to the year 1943 in which on the educational and administrative organization of the Circle, creates the National School of Fine Arts. The second period, from the last date to the days that run.


Instituto Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes

José Martí 3328, Montevideo, Uruguay/ 598.2708.7606/

Fine Arts seeks to implement an integral formation nourished also by the reality of the environment, by the wisdom and popular sensibility, having made for it University Extension a fundamental pedagogical tool, absorbed by the curricular proposal, forming part of the methodology of teaching.


TRIS Escuela de fotografía

Gral. Brito del Pino 1090, 11300 Montevideo, Uruguay/ 598.2707.518/

We started teaching in 2004. Tris. Fig. And fam. Very small portion of time or place; Cause or very slight occasion.