Karlavägen 15B / 467.0947.5788 /

Open: Tue-Fri, 12 pm–6 pm, Saturday & Sunday, 12 pm-4 pm.


Jakobs Torg 3 / 467.0855.6856 /

Founded in 2014 by Niklas Belenius and Erik Nordenhake, after having collaborated for two years as Niklas Belenius Gallery (founded in 2006).  The team wean off the expected ways, both in terms of location and the artists they represent: Belenius/Nordenhake is located off the grid from the so called Gallery District in Stockholm, settling at Jakobs Torg 3, literally a few steps from the Royal Opera. In this traditional area, the team has created room for young emerging artists in the contemporary field, such as Ilja Karilampi, Johanna Gustafsson Fürst and Alexander Gutke – though representing select artists in their mid to late-career, such as Sophie Tottie, Leif Elggren and Sten Hansson.Open: Wed-Fri, 12 pm–6 pm, Saturday & Sunday, 1 pm-5 pm.

    I AM COLOR, 2015, videostill.jpg

    Björkholmen Gallery
    Kommendörsgatan 15/ 468.611.2630 /

    Björkholmen Gallery is one of Sweden's leading art galleries within contemporary art. The gallery is located in Kommendörsgatan 15, in central Stockholm. Open: Thu-Fri, 12 pm- 6 pm, Saturday 12 am- 4 pm. 


      Cecilia Hillström Gallery
      Hälsingegatan 43 / 4670.7646.568 /

      Cecilia Hillström Gallery focuses on contemporary art and works closely with a group of established and emerging artists. The gallery was established in 2012 in the gallery district near Vanadisplan in Stockholm. Cecilia Hillström was previously one of the founders of the gallery / art dealership Konsthandeln, responsible for corporate relationships at Åmells Fine Art Dealer, gallery director at Brändström & Stene, as well as fair director, MARKET Art Fair. Cecilia holds an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics and a BA in art history from Stockholm University. Open: Tue-Fri, 12 am- 6 pm, Saturday, 12 am- 4 pm.


      Christian Larsen
      Hudiksvallsgatan 8, 1fl  / 468.309.830 /

      Christian Larsen is a contemporary art gallery in Stockholm with an extensive international exhibition program. The gallery is committed to nourishing the careers of represented artists, while introducing to the general public other significant international artists who have rarely, if ever, exhibited in Sweden. Open: Wed-Fri, 12 am- 6 pm, Saturday & Sunday 12 am- 4 pm.


      Couture Galleri
      Runebergsgatan 11 / 4686.111.808 /

      Couture Galleri opened in Stockholm in November 2010, and is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary international art with an emphasis on North American artists. Open: Wed-Fri, 12 am- 6 pm, Saturday & Sunday 12 am - 4 pm.


      Runbergsgatan 3 / 4670.7277.627 /

      GunGallery was Founded in 2008 and is owned by Greger Ulf Nilson and Karolina Strömberg. The gallery focus on international and national contemporary photography and representation Bothwell-established names and young emerging artists. Open: Tue-Fri, 12 am- 6 pm, Saturday & Sunday, 12 am- 4 pm.


      Lars Bohman Gallery
      Karlavägen 9 / 468.207.807 /

      Based in Stockholm, the gallery represents Swedish as well as international contemporary artists whose diverse practices include painting, drawing, sculpture, video and photography. Open: Tue-Fri, 12 am- 6 pm, Saturday & Sunday 12 am- 4 pm.


      Kammakargatan 68 / 468.6807.711 /

      LOYAL first began as a magazine (LOYAL Magazine) in 2000. The original idea was to publish Kristian Bengtsson's images, a photographer who usually shoots only a single photo of a subject. All of LOYAL's artists explore the concept of fear and danger in their work, and yet most manage to have a line of beauty that cuts straight through the darkness, leaving their work feeling charged full of energy. Open: Thu-Sat, 12 am- 5 pm.


      McCabe Fine Art
      Artillerigatan 40  / 468.660.4353 /

      Under the direction of art advisor and dealer Paul Frank McCabe, McCabe Fine Art provides first-class consultative services to clients wishing to build comprehensive and quality collections focused on modern and contemporary art. Equipped with nineteen years of art market experience, McCabe personally assists clients to set and realize long-term goals for their collections, while keeping a finger on the pulse of the rapidly growing and ever-changing art world.  Open: Saturday,  2 pm- 6 pm.


      Hälsingegatan 33 / 4670.364.4271 /

      /Vinibar is a non-profit project based exhibition space for contemporary art located in Vasastan, Stockholm, Sweden. It is run and founded by artists Malin Henningsson, Sofia M. Westin and Anna Sagström. Minibar's program is curated by Anna Sagström and Matilda Tjäder. Minibar is run with support from Stockholm stad and Kulturrådet. Open: Thursday, 4 pm- 6 pm, Saturday 12 pm- 4 pm.


      Peter Bergman Galleri
      Torsgatan 41 / 4670.7556.110 / 

      Peter Bergman gallery is a Swedish art gallery in Stockholm opened in 2002 by Peter Bergman. It currently represents the following artists : Anna Bjerger, Peter Ern, Roger Hansson, Paul Housley, Daniel Jensen, Oskar Korsár, Katarina Lönnby, Lisa D. Manner, Martin Mannig, Stefan Otto, Helén Svensson, Karin Wikström, Kristoffer Zetterstrand, Martin Ålund.Open: Tue-Fri, 12 pm– 5 pm, Saturday, 12 am- 4 pm.


      Rödbodtorget 2 / 468.201.415 /

      Galleri Riis was founded 1972 in Trondheim by the collectors Inger and Andreas L. Riis, and since 1980 operative in Oslo. In 2011 a second space was opened in Stockholm, in the building of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the city center. This expansion consolidated the gallery´s importance on the Scandinavian art scene. The Oslo gallery relocated in August 2016 to a new space in a 1890´s residential building in the city centre. Open: Tue-Fri, 12 am- 5 pm, Saturday & Sunday, 12 am- 4 pm. 


      Stene Projects
      Brunnsgatan 21B / 468.5278.9120 /

      Stene Projects is a commercial art gallery for contemporary art and ideas. Stene Projects has the ambition to define itself as an ongoing process where the artists, the idea and content are in focus. Stene Projects is very much inspired by Chris Anderson (The Long Tail), Linux (software) and the social impact from new technology. Open: Thu-Sat, 12 am- 5 pm.


      Unknown Cargo
      Snickarbacken 2 / 3584.0700.4012 /

      Unknown Cargo, the art gallery, which reveals its artists only after the exhibition, has been received with much enthusiasm in Finland. Now Unknown Cargo is ready to expand its activities to other Nordic Countries. Next autumn both Copenhagen and Stockholm will see the openings of Unknown Cargo -galleries, both of which will feature local and Finnish artists in solo exhibitions. The vernissage for the Stockholm Unknown Cargo will be held on the 20th of August, and the first closing party on the 4th of September. The Copenhagen Unknown Cargo will open on the 3rd of September.Open: Thu-Sat, 2 pm- 7 pm.