Sumit Mehndiratta

Before I begin, I'd like to talk about something important. There’s something more that you do when you buy my art. In New Delhi, India, the population of stray/homeless animals suffer a lot because of the extreme climatic conditions and over population. There’s nothing much they can do for them. As I love animals, I’m doing something for them. For every painting you purchase, 7% of the amount of the artwork will go to Sanjay Gandhi Animal Shelter, New Delhi, India who treats and shelters stray/homeless/injured animals, starting from cats to camels. You won’t be paying anything extra. The 7% goes from the amount I receive. A copy of the donation receipt will be given to you with your painting when it’s shipped. You can know more about the hospital/shelter on their website and even contact them to check the authenticity of the donation receipt.  Hi! I'm Sumit Mehndiratta. I'm a self-taught artist and have been working with online art galleries since 2007. I've been exhibiting my works, both group and solo shows across The UK and India. My main genre of work is abstraction and prominent in most of the works which I do, be it any medium. I love abstraction and the fact that everyone perceives it differently. It brings me pleasure to see how people relate to different colors and concepts and interpret them differently. It feels as if I've created something more than I intended to and that's the beauty of it. I've always been experimental since childhood. Be it drawing, sketching, cooking, painting or photography. I always liked to do something no one has ever thought of by adding my signature element to it. And now, evenpainting on the canvas, I sometimes create my own painting tools to go with the techniques i think of. For example, the scoop series in my folio is done with a palette knife I constructed out of a wooden-rubber scoop used in screen printing. I usually think of different techniques that I discover by myself, construct my own tools and put the ideas into action. I pick up a theme and make a series of works from them. When the technique gets repetitive, I wait for another inspiration to strike I and move onto the next series. I do not have any 'patented style' as it gets repetitive and limits my creativity. I hope you have a great time browsing my collection. My Best Sumit Mehndiratta