Boom Gallery
No.11, Armaghane Gharbi St, Vali Asr St., Tehran, Iran / 8.21.22017549 / boomgallery.ir
Mon - Friday: 4PM - 8PM

Boom Gallery has been founded with the aim of introducing cutting-edge art from renowned Iranian artists to enthusiasts and patrons providing an opportunity for talents to be known. This initiation is a token of appreciation for art, a step towards cultural literacy as well as a tribute to contemporary Iranian artists for their contribution and achievements that have impressed observers across the globe. Owing to this cultural attitude and regardless of any commercial or revenue incentives, Boom gallery is genuinely willing to showcase the creations of prominent Iranian artists from a vast array of contemporary to modern arts. The gallery embraces a diverse range of subjects and mediums in the contemporary art and endeavors to display top-tier arts from a variety of styles in an utterly sophisticated fashion. Boom gallery appreciates communication and collaboration in this regard and intends to expand its activities to work with other such galleries which present high art and leading artists worldwide.


Ab Anbar
Roshanmanesh alley. Khaghani St. Enghelab St. Darvazeh Dolat. Tehran, Iran/ 821 88 86 07 03/ ab-anbar.com
Sunday to Friday 12:00 - 20:00 PM

AB-ANBAR is an independent space in Tehran, committed to discovery and experimentation. Our mission is to strengthen the position of contemporary art in Iran by means of providing an inclusive environment for the production and exhibition of contemporary art from Iran and other latitudes. Established in 2014, AB-ANBAR started out in response to the need in Iran for a  cutting-edge platform for artists, to serve as a bridge between Iranian artists and the global art world. Gallery's commitment is to remain borderless and interconnected, through a program that responds to our region, while at the same time, answers seamlessly to the challenges of global culture. Gallery aims to create a dialogue with our audience, expanding the domain of art in Iran through the production and exhibition of institution-quality work, complemented by innovative strategies for our audience to engage with contemporary art.


Assar art gallery
Barforooshan Street, No. 16/ 98 21 8832 6689/ assarartgallery.com/
Sunday-Thursday 11am-8pm

With a large collection of modern and contemporary Iranian art and 12 well-known visual artists in attendance, Assar Art Gallery plays a significant role in Tehran’s artistic landscape. The gallery first opened its doors in October 1999 under the direction of Omid Tehrani and operated for 4 years in Darakeh, an area on the hillsides of the Alborz range north of the city.  The gallery relocated in 2004 and is now based in one of the city’s richest cultural districts in the centre of Tehran. Today, as one of Tehran’s leading galleries, Assar regularly highlights work by its representing and some of Iran’s notable emerging artists. The gallery is dedicated to quality conservation, archiving and publication, and has been actively supporting and sponsoring various related projects.  As well as its domestic activities, Assar is also a regular presence in international art fairs promoting contemporary Iranian art and showcasing selected works by its representing artists to a wider audience. 


Aaran art gallery
No. 12, Day Alley North St., Karimkhan Ave/ 98 21 8882 9086/ aarangallery.com/
Satuday-Thursday 1-7pm

Focus of the Gallery is to create a forum for the promotion of the Iranian arts and Iranian contemporary artists, to establish a center for the promotion of artistic exchanges between South-west Asian, North African, and South-east Asian nations, and to encourage dialogue between artists, critics, collectors, and public;


Aknoon Gallery
Tehran, no 25, A.S.P. Towers, 64th St, Iran/ 98 21 8806 8652/ aknoongallery.com
Saturday - Wednesday 2pm - 10pm Thursday and Friday 11am - 10pm